Unique Micro Design - UMD-VAST Venue Access System for Turnstiles

By: Unique Micro Design  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Mobile Phones, Control Systems, Access Control

Ticketing Model / Access Control

Tickets are issued to people (eg the public, club members, members’ guests, accredited personnel and others) to provide access to a venue or venues for a particular event or set of events.

Access may be limited to specific areas within a venue. Ingress/egress from an area is via gates which have turnstiles.

Each ticket has a unique machine readable id (eg bar code, magnetic stripe or smart card token) which can be read by turnstiles or other access control devices. The id read by the access control device is sent to the UMD-VAST™ System for verification. The UMD-VAST™ system will know the identity of the turnstile and hence the area that the ticket holder is moving from and to. As well as checking permissions, UMD-VAST™ optionally checks for second entry.

The ticket is typically printed and will provide a human readable visual code that may not be the same as the machine readable id code.

Each ticket has a list of permissions defined by its access class that indicate what areas it can access during specified events at specified venues.

Each ticket also has an optional associated ticket type which is used for reporting purposes.

Computer system requirements

The UMD-VAST™ system can run on any Linux or Sun Solaris 9 (or higher) computer system with sufficient hard disk and computing power for the task at hand.

Turnstile Hardware

UMD-VAST™ is independent of the turnstile hardware. Existing Turnstile and other devices are connected via Unique Micro Design‘s engineering ICT solutions capabilities in hardware interfacing and custom electronic design.

For example, PMSI turnstiles connect with the PC based PMSI Master Turnstile Controller. With the UMD-VAST™ system, the PMSI Master Turnstile Controller is replaced with a custom-programmed protocol converter that connects to UMD-VAST™ via an ethernet network.

This independence allows existing hardware to be used in installations modernised with UMD-VAST™.

Mobile Turnstiles

For mobile applications, a Microsoft® .NET module is provided to allow mobile smart devices to act as turnstiles via a real-time WiFi network.

User Interface

UMD-VAST™ provides a standard multi-user web service for the management interface. This provides a significant advantage over other access control systems – zero client installation with true multi-user capabilities. By using a web interface, it allows a variety of mobile smart devices and mobile phones to access the system remotely.

Three levels of end user access control are provided for security purposes: administrator, operational and viewers.

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