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By: Ecogroup  05-Oct-2011
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Ecobricks is the unique supplier of recycled bricks for new homes, renovations, extensions and landscaping projects. ecobricks promotes sustainable environmental issues by endeavouring to recycle 100% of all materials from demolition sites. By purchasing a recycled brick you also help save the environment as they do not end up in landfill and their recycled quality blends beautifully with the natural environment.
Varieties include Old Red bricks (House Bricks), Paver bricks, Bluestones blocks, bluestone lintels and pitchers, Clinker bricks, Cream bricks, Red Blue bricks, Builder's bricks (render bricks), handmade bricks, hawthorn bricks.
ecobricks provides a specialist matchup brick service to ensure your project is an invisible expansion. ecobricks prides itself on supplying a superior recycled brick product to exceed customer expectation.

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Other products and services from Ecogroup

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  Ecomulch is made from 100% recycled timber, timber that would otherwise end as landfill.  

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Ecobriquettes are a renewable source of heating as they are made from 100% recycled timber, timber that would otherwise end as landfill.

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Ecotoppings is a high end product, 10mm minus, making it ideal for use in modern landscapes


Asbestos removal

Ecogroup holds a Class B Asbestos Removal Licence and provides a number of safe removals of asbestos services in commercial, industrial & domestic projects.

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Whether it’s cutting to required levels, basement excavation or site remediation, the teams at ecodemolition are experienced in all types of excavation works.

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  As Australia’s first green demolisher, ecodemolition operates primarily to maximise salvageable material and minimise waste to landfill.

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Ecotiles provides a wide range of recycled terracotta and concrete roof tiles, apex, ridge cap and accessories at a fraction of the cost of new tiles.