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MUMS AND DADS “We just purchased a BabyComfyNose online a couple of days ago when Zachary had a nasty, snotty cold (our pediatrician suggested it). I had no hesitation going right in there and sucking out the snot – and OMG what satisfaction! In about a second, a tablespoon of snot (that’s a lot) filled up the nozzle and the bottom of the unit. I didn’t even use the tissue like they suggested and the snot got nowhere near the suction tube – quite hygienic actually. Zach is still under the weather, but at least not completely miserable and plugged up. Good-bye useless bulb aspirator.” Erika. S “He had a terrible cold and we were all miserable. Hearing the mucus rattle around in his nose, I felt helpless. The little squeeze bulb aspirators are basically useless because they just don’t generate much suction and the same is true of the battery-operated ones. I heard once of how the Inuit people would suck the snot directly out of their children’s noses – and while I was not that adventurous, I felt that I would do pretty much anything to relieve the misery of his snotty nose.” Peter. C “It makes perfect sense. Why just wipe your baby’s nose with tissue and wipe off the mucus from the outside of the nostrils when you can easily and quickly suck the mucus straight out of the inside of their nose. By clearing their nasal passage it allows them to breathe easier. Now she can feed and sleep without waking up several times a night. You need to be able to help them when they are congested. Saline spay on it’s own or bulbs don’t work well enough but the BabyComfyNose is the best way and I recommend all parents have this on hand.” Frieda. K “We kept on buying the battery-powered aspirators hoping that maybe the next one would work. They never did. The suction was never strong enough and on top of that, something would break after the second or third time we used it. My girl friend told me about the BabyComfyNose and it was like OF COURSE! So obvious - why didn't I think of that? Our two year old, Jake has chronic sinus congestion that often turns into infection. I am certain that this device has helped him because now we can actually get out the deeper mucus before it starts to cause problems such as ear aches. I really can't say enough about this awesome little device.” Elise. C MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS As a practicing pediatrician for 32 years, I've always told parents that the most important thing they can do in relieving infant congestion and prevent secondary infection is to suction out the mucus. The BabyComfyNose is ideal and works easily. Edward McCabe, M.D I have been looking for a product like this for years. It is easy to use, wonderfully designed and has been extremely effective, even for my toughest pediatric sinus patients. Aslam Lateef, M.D. CEO, Hamilton Allergy Center Allergy and Sinus Specialist “Even the best bulb & battery-powered ones don't come close to the suction you can generate with this type of aspirator. I know, we tested them all at work, -As a nurse with three kids, I have some experience with these things. The BabyComfyNose folks got this absolutely right. The instructional video on the BabyComfyNose website is very useful. Our baby wasn't quite as docile as the one in the video, but we got just as much snot out, or more. Unbelievable.” Nicky, Minneapolis, MN

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