August Article - Four considerations for your logo

August Article - Four considerations for your logo from Canex Graphic Designs

By: Canex Graphic Designs  11-Aug-2012
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Four considerations for your logo

A logo is more than a pretty picture or your business name written in a fancy font. A logo gives your business character and enables people to remember it. To ensure your logo is appropriate and is helping your business rather than simply ‘sitting there and looking pretty’, consider each of the following (no matter what stage your business is at):  

1.          Audience – Who is your target market? Getting this right is generally the first step in any business decision making process so you no doubt already have addressed this point. However, it doesn’t hurt to re-visit this every now and then as your business grows to ensure you are still on track and aiming at the right people.  

2.          Business image – What kind of look or appearance do you want your business to have? Think about the colours, styles, shapes and fonts you would like to use to get this feel. By planning this in advance you can work together with your designer to achieve the desired result.  

3.          Research – Check out other business logos and think about what it is that you do and don’t like about each of them. Think about what they do, what their website looks like and where you saw the logo. Now think about your own business, your style, products/services, website and other advertising material and how you want your logo to fit in. Considering all of these factors will help you to get an appropriate logo that will give your business a recognisable image.  

4.          Designer – Find a designer that you are confident will best meet your needs. Consider your budget, their experience designing logos in particular, timeframes for both of you and (most importantly) whether they will take your ideas on board. Don’t just leave it with your designer and hope they will create the perfect logo. No one knows your business more than you so thoroughly briefing your designer will ensure they have a better chance at getting it right the first time and will also save you money on unnecessary revisions!  

These are four things to keep in mind before your designer begins, which will save you time and money, and ensure you end up with a logo that you will be happy with for many years to come.   
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