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By: Pixel Productions  09-Dec-2011
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"We currently have a help desk of 3 - 4 people supporting approximately 800 - 1000 Nodes and 250 NetSupport Clients over various Sites around the Darwin CBD, Northern Suburbs and in Alice Springs areas. As you can imagine getting to users in short space of time can be difficult.NetSupport has been a huge relief in terms of accessibility and problem resolution time. Resolution time in the past relied on how busy the Support staff were and whether transport was available to travel to remote sites, resolution time often blew out to a couple of days instead of hours due to the fact transport was simply unavailable. With NetSupport Manager, resolution time is cut to minutes.Not only have we implemented NetSupport on Users workstations we have installed the client software on our Windows NT Servers for remote administration in the Darwin and Alice Springs centres.Speed and performance has been very impressive to date, even when dealing with connections in Alice Springs. NetSupport is one of the most affordable alternatives we have seen to remote administration. We have had great feedback from users and hope to extend NetSupport Manager to cover more of Education in the future.

Andrew Luke, IT Support Officer, IT Services, NT Department of Education

"NetSupport Manager quite simply is one of the easiest and most reliable software applications we run in our school. Installation is very simple and straight forward for the client and controller PCs. To make it even better, I have only ever had to give our teachers one small informal training session on how to control, share and watch the student PCs in their labs. It is great for both teaching and auditing. I am happy to recommend this product."Philip Sherriff, Systems Analyst, Ignatius Park College

"We have been using Net Support Manager since 1997 for remote access to client computers. I am always on the lookout for a better product but have always came back to Net Support for this solution. No other product has come close as far as performance and reliability. Net support is very easy to use and setup with very little training required for new users. We have found Pixel IT to be very professional with each time I have had to contact them and offer service that is second to none."

Phil Hoare, Desktop Systems Administrator, Bundaberg Sugar Ltd

"I first came across NetSupport Manager in 2000 while working for Presbyterian Support Services. I was looking for a replacement product for Reachout, which was not compatible with Windows 2000 machines. Our biggest concern then was the program had to run fluidly over 64K DDS links on our WAN.Of all the products we trialled, NSM was the only product that operated across the WAN as if you were actually sitting at the remote machine. No lag or delay, extremely efficient, and equally impressive over a dial-up RAS connection. At PSS 75% of workstations and 25% of servers were off-site but on the WAN, and up to 3 hours drive away. Being able to remotely control these machines completely revolutionised our support environment. We no longer had to rely on non-technical people to perform tasks over the phone, and it makes so much difference if a person can show you their problem instead of having to try and explain it.Our ability to correctly identify and resolve an issue increased dramatically, and the time it took to resolve issues decreased dramatically. And of course, travel costs were practically eliminated.NSM is not just a remote control solution though. We used it to transfer files between servers, remotely execute batch files for hardware and software auditing, and used the chat feature when phone lines were down.It is extraordinarily simple to install and use. Remote machines do need a client, but this can be installed remotely as well via the Deployment module. If you don't want the remote user to watch what you are doing, especially important if you have to do administrative type tasks, you can blank the remote screen, and even disable the remote keyboard and mouse if necessary.18 months ago I left PSS to work for Counties Power Ltd. Here, all machines are on one site, but distributed around several buildings. All the servers are kept in a locked temperature controlled room. I now use NSM to manage these servers, and minimise the amount of time I need to be away from my desk. I can even remotely manage servers from home via a VPN connection. Its just like being there.I would certainly recommend NSM to anyone who needs to support machines that are off-site. In my opinion, no other product even comes close. And even if your furthermost machine is only 5 minutes walk away, I would still recommend NSM, because if there is one thing worse than your PC not working, its not being able to find the IT support person either!"I find it difficult to stop talking about NSM once I start. It’s such a great product, I couldn’t even imagine supporting any IT network without it now. Perhaps that’s the best testimonial of all!

Sheryn Bell, Systems Administrator, Counties Power Ltd

"I have been using NetSupport Manager for over five years and can highly recommend this product as an outstanding remote control application for computer systems. Version updates for NetSupport always deliver improvements to the function and feature set.In my role as Network Administrator for Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, NetSupport is used for remote control of network servers and key system PC's both via the Local Area Network and through Virtual Private Network over WAN connections. NetSupport allows me to carry out many of the day to day system administration functions from my desktop PC or a mobile laptop when physical access is not required or not available."

Andrew Hamilton, IT Manager / Network Administrator, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

"I would like to take a few moments to express my gratitude to Pixel IT for supplying us with NetSupport Manager. I work in an IT Helpdesk environment. It has helped my team to access and fix remote workstations quickly and efficiently.We aren't new to Remote Desktop software. The IT team have been using remote management software for many years.The NetSupport Manager software is far superior to any software we have used in the past. The software has many features that we can no longer do without. The NetworkSupport Manager program has far exceeded our expectations.Thank you, Pixel IT, for your support in helping to make our IT Team professional, efficient and more productive!"

Julie Rockwell, Information Technology Manager, Break Thru People Solutions

"We have relied on NSM's remote system administration capabilities for a number of years. It has proven itself to be reliable & indispensable tool, compatibile with all the versions of Windows we use. Highly recommended."

Dino Bijedic, System Administrator, Eracom Technologies Australia

"AAL have been working will NetSupport Manager for some years now. We believe that having the advantage of maintenance workers being able to log in to our BMS through NetSupport Manager gives us the edge to provide a prompt response to airport breakdowns and thereby affording greater confidence in our clients and the travelling public.In addition to client satisfaction, and from a corporate view, we can reduce call out time, travel time, and the necessity to even attend the breakdown. This obviously results in cost savings for staff, vehicles, and general equipment efficiency through the ability to random monitor as a tool of 'Whole of Life' philosophy."

Bill Betts, Manager Planning and Engineering, Australian Airports

"NetSupport Manager takes the legwork out of network administration. Our IT department is now much more efficient and productive in solving problem and hence keeping our user base happy. NetSupport Manager enables us to get stuck into the problem immediately, rather than walking there, being stopped or interrupted, and having to coerce people from their PCs".

Jason Thomas, Systems Administrator, Schefenacker Vision Systems Australia

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the NetSupport Manager solution we have implemented across our network. The software, together with the prompt and efficient sales/technical support from Pixel IT has allowed our business to grow with ease. We now manage our multiple servers located in Japan, Australia, Korea, and the Cayman Islands without the worry associated with similar products we have struggled with in the past. We would highly recommend yourself and the software to others with confidence. Thanks again, and we look forward to doing further business with you in the future."

Director - DC Consultancy Corporation Pty Limited

Keywords: Help Desk, Remote Control

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