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By: Ian Hewett Engineering  10-Jun-2012
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Load Ratings.

Once ratings have been calculated, a Safe Working Load placard is provided as per Australian Standard AS4084-93 or if new or relocating rack the updated Australian Standard AS4084 - 2012 or FEM Racking and Shelving 10.2.09 for Cantilever Racks.

Warehouse Designs & Layouts.

Have you outgrown your current Warehouse / Factory? Need more storage space capacity but have no more room? We can redesign to create more in both space & efficiency. We can help you streamline your operations – all with up to date safety issues in mind – giving you not only a safer storage facility – but also a more efficient one.

Storage racking for products on pallets should be designed specifically for the size, shape and weight of the products being stored. The racking design should be compatible with the pallets and the materials handling equipment in use within the workplace. Aisle width should be matched to the turning circle of the forklift or other materials handling equipment used to put-away, replenish or pick.

Racking Inspections - Safety Audits

Keeping your Pallet Racking installation in good working condition is essential for safe operation and a long life. A Safety audit is a good way to keep your racking safe & complying with Australian OH&S Standards.


In our current environment of increasing Occupation, Health and Safety legislation it is vital that users ensure their racking systems are safe. To minimise risk to human life and property and avoid expensive litigation it is your obligation to have regular safety inspections. We provide safety inspections on your existing pallet racking to ensure that your configuration meets Australian Standards AS4084 - 1993: Steel Storage Racking.


The obligations of the owner / users of pallet racking as defined in the Australian Standards are as follows:

• Pallet Racking should be inspected on a regular basis (minimum of every 12 months)

• All damage should be assessed against predefined tolerances

• Where damage exceeds these tolerances, it should be immediately unloaded and not used until corrective measures are in place

• Safe Working Load Signs must be displayed

• As built design drawings should be available at all times

• Frames exposed to possible impact must have protection

• All sites should have a damage reporting procedure in place supported by documentation showing inspection history and corrective actions

In selecting a suitable rack inspector, an engineering qualification and a background in workplace health and safety are essential. Also, significant experience in the racking industry should be mandatory (at least 2 or 3 years).

I can be booked to visit your work site to inspect, compile a report & make recommendations to improve/repair your racking. On completion of repairs/alterations a compliance certificate is issued.

As part of this service we offer a full report of any repairs, replacement or signage that is required and advice of the frequency of inspections that you will require. In some high traffic operations, annual inspections are not sufficient.

We also assess if your rack design is optimal for your operations and is compatible with the pallets and equipment in use.

We can carry out Safety Inspections of all racking types (Dexion, Colby, Spacerack, Schaefer, Acrow (Series 88 & new style), Dra-mac, Brownbuilt, Interlake, Loadmaster, Uneeda, Hiline, Alpha, APC, Acerack, Macrack, G.K.N., Cyclone, Mecalux, Paltier, Republic, Chinese Dexion copies such as Nanjing Boracs Logistics Equipment Company Limited (Boracs), and Nanjing Aivis shelve Manufacturing Company Limited and many more.

In most states of Australia, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Acts require Plant and Equipment (which may include Steel Storage Racking) to meet the Australian Standards.

AS4084-1993: Covers all static racking with the exception of drive in and drive through racking as well as cantilever and mobile racking.

Section 9.2 Inspections. Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every 12 months to:

Ensure that safe working loads are adhered to.

Ensure that the racking installation has not been altered. A copy of the load application and configuration drawings shall be retained for this purpose.

Ensure the correct application and use of the equipment.

Examine connectors for deformation or signs of cracking at the welds.

Examine for any dislocation and deformation of sections and connections for uprights and beams.

Examine the extent of damage due to impact in the racking installation.

Examine the out of plumb of the racking.

These Audits usually comprise of a written report with two sections:

  1. Rack specifications list & load ratings for each rack
  2. Damage and non-compliance list detailing:

a) The exact problem, the location of each problem and the steps required to rectify the problem.

This list is colour coded so that each problem can be categorised into four groups depending on the severity or hazard risk factor of the problem

  1. Red category - immediate action
  2. Orange category - do not use until rectified
  3. Blue category - routine problem
  4. Green category - recommendation only

b) Inspection date & repair date column for use when problems are being rectified.

On satisfactory completion of repairs a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

2a: This section can be given to the manufacturer/repairer so that they may quote on the problems that need addressing, alternatively, Racking Audits Australia can quote for these repairs/modifications for you.

2b: If this is the first visit a Rack location (plan view) drawing will also be included. This can also be given to your choice of repairer to aid in the rectification process.

Engineering Reports

I can be commissioned to:

Report on custom made or fabricated racking for purposes of Australian Standard compliance, load ratings & safety issues.

Raised Storage Areas – Design, relocation sign off & load rating purposes.

Reconfigurations of existing Warehouse facilities to create more capacity or improved time & space efficiencies.

Designing of new Warehouse facilities to your requirements.

Safety Barriers for Racking & Forklift areas.

Calculations for Wind Actions for exterior racking (Australian Standard AS1170.2).

Seismic calculations for racking being located in Earthquake prone areas (Australian Standard AS1170.4).

Calculations for Material handling equipment – design & load ratings & sign-offs, ranging from trolleys & carts, stillages & cages to forklifts & overhead / jib cranes.


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