Keywords: Pain Management, Back Pain Relief, Tennis Elbow

Physiotherapy is a form of manual therapy used to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation from injury and help in the prevention of injury by keeping the body at its optimal level of function. Physiotherapist treatment is usually quite gentle and safe. Common treatment methods for physiotherapy include; exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles, joint mobilisation to reduce stiffness, muscle re-education to improve control, and specific assistance with the use of aids, splints, crutches, walking sticks and wheelchairs. Therapeutic devices such as laser, ultrasound, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) may be used to assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Keywords: Back Pain Relief, Hip Pain, Pain Management, Tennis Elbow

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Chiropractic care takes a holistic approach, by putting an emphasis on the person as a whole, and includes advice about nutrition and exercise, wellness and healthy lifestyle modifications.


Clinical Myotherapy

The word Myotherapy is derived from the Greek 'Myo', meaning 'muscle'. A Clinical Myotherapist is a multi-skilled physical therapist whose


Remedial Massage

Massage therapists will usually work with you to provide relief from pain and stiffness, whilst increasing the range of motion.


Chiropractic Services

We encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your health goals with one of our friendly chiropractors. A program