Clinical Pilates

By: Total Balance Healthcare  25-Aug-2012
Keywords: Rehabilitation, Pilates, Osteopathy

  Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise developed and used by qualified manual therapists to help with the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Specialised equipment such as reformers and the trapeze are used along with floor exercises. Spring loaded equipment is a major component of Clinical Pilates. One of the major focuses of this type of therapy is the development and rehabilitation of specific region implicated in your injury. Along with this, Clinical Pilates focuses on postural education and allowing optimal movement in the body and improved general health. It is a very good tool to be used as a preventative measure to avoid further injury.

  Total Balance provides a fully equipped pilates studio with spring loaded equipment for your program. This allows for safe, controlled, accessible “closed-chain” equipment for our patients compared to typical free weight gym equipment. This type of exercises has been proven to be more effective in developing body awareness while providing a controlled environment for refining and retraining muscle movements with isolation and repetition. Your first consultation will be 1 on 1 with a qualified osteopath. In this consultation, your osteopath will discuss with you your injury and the management required for your rehabilitation. A personalised program will be devised to meet your specific needs to ensure the maximum effect of your pilates rehabilitation program. You will required 1-4 one on one sessions with your osteopath in which you can then enter a pilates class. These 1 on 1 sessions ensure you are performing your program 100% correctly and promoting positive effects within your body. Group classes are a maximum of 4 and are taken by a qualified osteopath in whom you will already be familiar with!

Keywords: Clinical Pilates, Injury, Osteopathy, Pilates, Rehabilitation