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Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal from Innovative Physio

By: Innovative Physio   24-May-2012
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Innovative Physio's experienced team is passionate about helping you - whether it is through joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, posture correction, breathing techniques, exercise rehabilitation programs.
Our Physiotherapists have a special interest in treating conditions of the spine whether lower back, thoracic or neck. As well as all peripheral joints and surrounding soft tissue - muscle, nerve and/or fascia. Real time Ultrasound biofeedback is available;
- special interest in core muscle control (research shows that this is very important in preventing reoccurence of back pain).
- get to see your deep muscles on the screen – abdominals, pelvic floor muscles and deep back muscles
- get a flat lower tummy with a waist that draws in
- abdominal cylinder control – looks great and the back loves it
Gill believes people with back and neck pain need to be trained to self-manage their condition through improving posture and learning to move in a safer way.
Once the initial injury has been treated, people can be taught to use their bodies without putting themselves at risk of further injury.
"We want to explore your problem and work out the best treatment regime - ultimately so you can self-manage," says Gill Smith. "We want you to be able to understand how to manage your condition through posture correction, breathing patterns and ideal movement patterns."
We also have a special interest in teaching inner core muscle control as research shows this is very important in preventing re-occurrence of back pain.

Keywords: Physio, Physiotherapy