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By: SavinGreen  29-Apr-2012
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SavinGreen provides high quality 13, 1300 and 1800 services at highly competitive prices with great Customer Service, and no fixed term contracts, no high change charges and no hidden lock ins, such as leasing of numbers. Minimum monthly charge for SavinGreen 1300 Inbound Services starts from as little as $5.50+ GST A SavinGreen 13, 1300 or 1800 can be used to build the profile of your business, provide you with greater flexibility in managing your business and provide you with a secure number that you have control of for your advertising. The benefits are multiple. All SavinGreen Inbound Services have the following: Free Set Up for Time based routing with 2 answer points: You can have your 13.1300,1800 be directed to a different place for business hours and after hours, or any other time based routing set up for FREE. Other companies charge for this service. Up to 8 Answer Point or Time Based Routing Changes per year FREE: SavinGreen understands that things change in business and that is why we allow our Clients to change an Answering Point or Time based Routing up to 8 times in a year FREE of charge. Other companies charge for each and every change Capped Set Up Fee for Complex Routing: SavinGreen caps the charge for setting up Complexing Routing at $100.00 + GST. Beware of others who charge up to $2,000 + GST for the same service. Capped Change Fee for Complex Routing: SavinGreen caps the charge for changes in complex routing at $50.00 + GST. Changes to Answering Points only are included in the 8 free changes. No Fixed Contract: SavinGreen philosophy is to minimise contractual arrangements and let our service speak for itself. 30 days notice in writing is all that is required should you decide to cancel or move your 13,1300 or 1800 service. Rates are Universal- no on net/ off net differences: SavinGreen rates are universal. There is no difference in charge between on net or off net calls. Beware some companies who provide 1300 services with digital services have higher rates for “off-net” calls. (when the caller is calling from a number that is provided by a different service provider than you). No Leasing Of Numbers- you have control: SavinGreen works with our Clients to obtain smartnumbers and phone word numbers via the smartnumber auction site. Once the agreement of obtaining these numbers is fulfilled, SavinGreen will transfer the ROUPIN to our Client. SavinGreen does not artificially lock Clients in by leasing numbers. Beware of other 1300 providers that lease the number. No Payment for ACMA Annual Numbering charge for 1300 and 1800 numbers…we pay: SavinGreen absorbs the cost of the ACMA annual numbering charge for our Clients. Be rewarded if you pay by Direct Debit.: SavinGreen waivers any credit card charges if a Client elects to pay by Direct Debit. SavinGreen does not penalise Clients for not choosing Direct Debit. Beware of others who charge a penalty if you do not pay on Direct Debit. No hidden Administration Fees: SavinGreen does not charge account keeping fees, does not charge to have email notifications or other account details updated, does not charge for electronic invoices (invoices delivered by email). SavinGreen in line with our “Green” philosophy does charge a paper invoice fee of $.5.00 + GST to encourage our Clients to be more “Green”. Go to www.savingreen.com.au for further information and pricing.

Keywords: 1300 Services, Business Phone Services, Telecommunication Services,

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