CD - Relax, Take Control and Get On With Your Life Right Now!

CD - Relax, Take Control and Get On With Your Life Right Now! from Deep Thoughts Hypnotherapy

By: Deep Thoughts Hypnotherapy  06-Jan-2011
Keywords: Stress, Anxiety, Hypnotherapy


Do you suffer from

stress, anxiety, fear or panic? Do you need help with motivation?

Do you get in your own way? Or do you simply want to take some time out for yourself, from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life?


if you could discover how simple it is to improve your life...

Listening to this very powerful and gentle CD by

Jenet Kirby can assist you to achieve and enjoy......what you want to achieve in your own calm environment. By following Jenet’s suggestions, and allowing yourself to relax, this CD will effect the change you desire in a safe and easy way. A delta frequency is mixed with the soothing ambient music.

Expect change to happen.

Jenet Kirby

, a Melbourne based clinical hypnotherapist in full time practice, will take you on a journey that is gentle, powerful and enjoyably effective. Jenet is well known for her soothing and gentle voice and effective and successful approach. She is a speaker and also conducts workshops for self hypnosis, self empowerment and gentle birthing through hypnosis.

“Your CD has certainly been getting utilised; I think I've almost worn it out!”     

Tia Woods, Melbourne

Track 1:


Track 2:

A 30 minute relaxation

Track 3:

A 10 minute relaxation to help clear out the cobwebs and rejuvenate, focus and relax if you are

short on time.

You can contact
Jenet through her website,

Look out for other titles from Jenet.

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