Business Lessons

By: ESLA INSTITUTE  14-Nov-2010
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Business English Lessons

These lessons will cover a range of business related topics such as business writing, marketing, corporate structure, business plans, meetings, telephoning, and many other related subjects. Over each week of the course, one of the main topics will be covered through a variety of listening texts and readings adapted from authentic sources such as newspapers. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in business communication role plays such as meetings, negotiations, interviews and telephone conversations as well as improve the various written communicative skills essential in the workplace with a specific writing task each week, for example a CV, report, memo or letter. 

Students will also be expected to take part in formal presentations and to use their newly acquired business vocabulary and related communication skills to analyse particular case studies. While business is the intended focus of this course, different grammar points and vocabulary skills will also be studied each week in order to prepare students to communicate effectively in an English speaking business environment. 

There is no minimum requirement for private business lessons but ESLA recommends a minimum 5 week lesson plan.

ESLA Institute’s Business programs are for students needing to develop the necessary skills to communicate in a wide range of business situations. ESLA’s business program is offered as a “non-award” program tailored to student’s specific needs.

Students have the option of choosing a specific area of Business English they want to study or a program that covers many areas of business communication. Our business programs can be taken as a group (1-6 students) or as a private course.

ESLA’s flexible hourly schedule for private or group lessons allows students to select their hours based upon their needs or schedule. Students may sign up for 1 hour week lessons or 5 hours/week lessons depending upon their needs.

ESLA Institute offers group and private lessons from 9am – 9pm Monday – Friday by appointment only.

ESLA Institute offers business instruction for:




Business writing and communication

Cover letter and resume


Corporate structure









Offered at three levels, beginner, intermediate & advanced levels, students will develop the confidence to use their English in a real business environment.

At the beginner level

Students will learn corporate and management structure, basic business concepts and vocabulary relating to introductions, meetings, telephoning, marketing, and finance.

At the intermediate level

Students will explore in depth business lexicon, management, finance and other business concepts to improve overall business communication. Students will participate in meetings, visit local area businesses, attend interviews, and practice speaking, listening, reading and writing for business communication in a business situation.

At the advanced level

Students will improve their business lexicon, CV’s, make presentations, attend interviews, go into a local business and interview the manager of an Australia company as well as organize business proposals and presentations.

Business English lessons include:


Give, justify and discuss opinions on different business topics, develop confidence, fluency and accuracy. You will give presentations, initiate telephoning, attend meetings and interviews, and discuss business case studies.


Follow and understand information from presentations, news reports, company visits and business excursions. Develop the listening skills necessary to be successful in the local and international business community.


Read and comprehend a wide variety of business reports, financial statements, marketing proposals, products, company structure and business case studies.


Write with more sophisticated sentences and vocabulary with greater accuracy.  Learn to improve your CV and written job applications. Learn to write business letters, emails, memos and reports. Develop self-correction and editing strategies.

Keywords: Beginner Intermediate Advanced, Business English,

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