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Boutique Bread from Ponti's Bakery

By: Ponti's Bakery  31-Oct-2012
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What is a Boutique? The Ponti's Boutique Loaf, developed from a brainstorming session between Ponti and Eyal Talmor, one of our early wholesale customers. As a customer Eyal expressed his frustration in using sourdough cob loaves for his sandwich platers. He has was always having to deal with uneven slices and lots of unusable end pieces. The Solution: To bake a sourdough cob style bread with even, usable pieces throughout, eliminating wastage, eliminating frustration and increasing cost effectiveness. The result - A loaf comprising of 23 slices of usable bread available in 2 widths and 3 different slice thicknesses to suit differing needs. Today this format of baking has been adopted by all our competitors and is considered an industry standard. We consider this a compliment paid to us for being innovators not followers! Fruit Bread varieties are also available!

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Wholesale Bread Supply from Ponti's Bakery thumbnail

Wholesale Bread Supply

Ponti's Bakery is a HACCP accredited wholesale bakery serving cafes, sandwich bars, restaurants, delis and supermarkets within metropolitan Melbourne and beyond.

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Ponti's Bakery range of pastries include freshly baked croissants, both plain and pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants), a variety of danish pastries and escargots (snail pastries), these items are a perfect addition to any cafe's menu, baked and delivered fresh daily!

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English Muffins

Ponti's English Muffins are a perfect breakfast menu addition, best served as bacon and eggs, eggs benedict or eggs florentine and made using our soft and airy Turkish Bread recipe.

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Turkish Bread (Rolls and Loaves)

Ponti's Turkish Breads, distinguished from other breads by its light and airy texture are a versatile bread that can be eaten by itself, with a little olive oil or filled with your favourite fillings and toasted; today it has become one of the most widely eaten breads in Australia, especially as served in cafes and good sandwich bars.

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Bread Rolls

Ponti's Bakery makes a large variety of breed rolls of all shapes, sizes and styles to suit any application.

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Square Bread

Ponti's Square Bread provides the perfect solution for the making of toasted sandwiches, point sandwiches and sandwich platters.

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Pizza Bases

A thin style flatbread made specifically to form the perfect crust, Ponti's Pizza Bases provide the tasty and simple to use platform to any good pizza, simply top with your favourite fillings and bake in the oven.

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Lebanese Wraps

An authentic Lebanese staple known as "Khobz", lebanese Wraps are a versatile table bread often used to make fresh salad rolls or as the wrapping to the doner Kebab.

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Greek Pita

A traditional Greek staple, often toasted and served with dips and spreads but most famously, used to make the Greek Souvlaki.

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A thin flatbread with origins in Northern Italy, Ponti's authentic Italian Piadina is a fresh alternative to wraps and sandwiches, these flatbreads look great and taste even better!

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Cyprus Pita

The authentic Cypriot Pita, a unique fillable pocket bread that presents a myriad of serving possibilities!