Purifie Odour Remover

By: EnvioCarb Pty Ltd  24-Nov-2010
Keywords: Pollution Control


Purifie™ is 100% safe, organic, portable, odourless, non-toxic, tested and dedicated to performance and dramatically improves the air quality at home or office as well as other indoors. This nature based product is currently on its way to increasing demand due to the development of modern society.

Activated carbon is  a form of carbon derived and processed from charcoal. It undergoes special heat and steam process which opens up millions of micro pores. Unlike many additives or fragrances which basically mask the smell, Purifie™ uses its pores to trap the molecules and holds them in.

Purifie™ was developed with our environment in mind. Using charcoal made only from waste products of coconut and palm kernel shell, we are effectively converting waste that emits greenhouse gasses while  decomposing, into something useful and valuable. Furthermore, its resources are renewable unlike minerals such as coal.

During the production of the activated carbon, EnvioCarb deploys methods such as recycled energy that saw a 80% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the time before 2008. Upon the exhaustion of the product, we encourage consumers to dispose them off into garden soil or flower bed as its content will then act as a soil conditioner! Even the wrapper and container uses recycled, recyclable material or easily decompose materials to ensure eco-conservation.

Purifie should be your next product to try if you are seriously looking to remove bad odour in an effective and natural way.

Keywords: Pollution Control

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