Vicebite fence brackets

By: Trigg Industries  17-Jun-2014
Keywords: Rural Property, Fence, Environment

Vicebite fence brackets are an easy to use, fast method for installing fence end assemblies in vineyards, farms or rural fencing projects. Vicebite fence brackets are sold through most farm supply stores and also through online farm supply outlets. The benefits for using Vicebite fence brackets include reducing the need to notch timber posts thereby reducing the natural strength of the timber. Demonstration video's for the vicebite fence bracket is available on youtube and facebook and Trigg Industries can distribute the product to any retailer wishing to add it to their fencing product range. Vicebite fence brackets is 100% Australian made and owned and has been designed and patented by Trigg Industries. Rural and farm fencing needs to stand up to harsh environments and rough handling at times so try Vicebite fence brackets with your next fencing project - Fence it Fast, Make it Last with Vicebite fence brackets.

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