CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse

CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse from Essology Dental

By: Essology Dental  20-Aug-2012
Keywords: Dental Health, Xylitol Products, Dental Mouth Rinse

CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse   is designed to treat cavity causing plaque biofilm; reduces an overpopulation of cavity-causing bacteria, and neutralizes decay-causing acids with CariFree’s patent-pending pH+ technology. CTx4 Treatment Rinse is ideal for patients diagnosed to be at risk of dental caries and those with cavities.
Tx4 Treatment Rinse is also beneficial for patients who suffer from bad breath and gingivitis. CTx4 Treatment Rinse contains 4 of the 5 treatment agents prescribed for managing the disease that causes cavities, fluoride, antibacterial, pH neutralization and xylitol. Two taste options are available, apple and mild mint.

Keywords: Dental Health, Dental Mouth Rinse, Xylitol Products,

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