Davey Silensor – The Ultimate Water Pump

Davey Silensor – The Ultimate Water Pump from Epools

By: Epools  25-Jan-2011
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Innovative and brilliant in design, the water cooled <a href="https://epools.com.au/davey-pool-pumps-davey-silensor-sls-sll-pool-pump-c-79_425_80.html">Davey Silensor</a> is the  ultimate pool pump for any swimming pool.  When shopping for the right  pool pump, either for a newly constructed pool or as a replacement, the <a href="https://epools.com.au/davey-pool-pumps-davey-silensor-sls-sll-pool-pump-c-79_425_80.html">Davey Silensor</a> range offers the perfect choice. Quiet, efficient and long lasting, there is simply no other pool pump that meets the performance of the <a href="https://epools.com.au/davey-pool-pumps-davey-silensor-sls-sll-pool-pump-c-79_425_80.html">Davey Silensor</a>.

The pool pump, being an integral part of the swimming pool, is a driving force keeping the pool safe to swim. For total enjoyment and complete satisfaction, the Davey Silensor is the most dependable and efficient pool pump on the market. So relax and enjoy the day in and about the pool with the Silensor.

Davey, an Australian company, have been making  pool equipment for years and have the reputation for producing the very  best water pumps. It is a name to be trusted.  With the Davey Silensor water pump range, the company has produced an engineering masterpiece in pool pump design with unique qualities not seen in any other pool pump. Qualities such as very low noise emissions, lasting durability and energy efficiency make the Silensor the ideal choice.

Noisy pool pumps are a thing of the past.  With the <a href="https://epools.com.au/davey-pool-pumps-davey-silensor-sls-sll-pool-pump-c-79_425_80.html">Davey Silensor</a>, even close by neighbours will not be affected by unwanted noise.  A small flow of water moves around a stainless steel, corrosion proof  polymer shell, capturing waste heat and vibrations from the high  performance, electric motor. The advanced, high performance motor is water cooled and does not require a fan, eliminating much of the noise that is created by other regular pool pumps.

The Silensor is built to last, with a design using clamp rings instead of corrodible  nuts and bolts, making maintenance hassle free.  There are no exposed  parts that can rust, therefore the Silensor pool pump is the logical choice for any salt water pool.  The Silensor is made for outdoor installation with special UV stabilised polymers protecting it.

Regular pool pumps do not offer the same energy efficiency in comparison with the <a href="https://epools.com.au/davey-pool-pumps-davey-silensor-sls-sll-pool-pump-c-79_425_80.html">Davey Silensor</a>. Its design, not only centered at strength and durability, is also heavily focused on saving power.  Because of better water passages and water flow, the Silensor is around %15 percent more efficient than most other pool pumps.  And energy efficiency means more dollars left in the bank! Since the Silensor is quiet, it can be operated during the night and off peak times.

The Silensor has a seal protection system keeping water away from the motor.  Its special design keeps other unwanted particles such as hair from entering the motor.  The Silensor has been made to automatically shut down if dry running occurs, which is the main reason for common pool pump failure. Dry running can be caused either by a full leaf basket or blocked filter, and the Silensor uses the largest leaf collecting basket of any domestic pool, again making it the perfect choice when purchasing a pool pump.

The <a href="https://epools.com.au/davey-pool-pumps-davey-silensor-sls-sll-pool-pump-c-79_425_80.html">Davey Silensor</a> comes in a range of different performance sizes, allowing for the right size pump for any domestic pool.  It is easily maintained and cost effective.  So for optimum pool pleasure, for energy savings and dependability, the Silensor is the pool pump to rely on.

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