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By: One Fitness   03-Jul-2013
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Welcome to one fitness It's not you we have to get moving. It's your metabolism. At One Fitness we believe in working smart before you work hard. And right now the smartest science heads are nodding at the notion that your metabolism is the secret to controlling weight. It's been suspected for a long time but now it's fact. Control your metabolism and you control your weight and optimise your performance. It's that easy. We call this Metabolism Rebooting. It's exclusive to One Fitness and is based on the latest breakthroughs in metabolic science. Put simply metabolism rebooting means that we get your metabolism working at its peak again. Incredibly, our way means you can put in an hour of hard training and get up to 48 hours of ongoing benefits. By working at specific intervals at over 80% of your capacity, combined with eating more regularly to optimise your metabolic rate, you will transform your body in record time. And we're so sure of this, we're rebuilding our entire business to support this quantum leap in personal fitness. Our facilities are open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Our Myzone program is the latest global method to ensure you hit the metabolic resetting level needed every time you train. Our new eating planning ensure you burn fat faster than ever before. Our wide range of customer plans means you commit the way you want, not the way we prefer. Our underlying personal training model means you have access to the best specialists in the business. Together these factors mean the most effective premium personalisation of health ever seen in Australia. We're that confident. After all, we've got science on our side.

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