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By: Trigger Point Assassin  26-Jul-2011
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All services include a detailed assessment involving a thorough history taking, postural observation, and a range of motion check.

Remedial Massage Therapy

    This treatment is great for athletes and people with chronic pain, in a session I will assess the affected muscles and tissues. Testing for range of movement, strength and tissue condition I will use massage techniques, such as Deep Tissue, Cross-Fibre Friction, Stripping, Compressions, MET's, PNF Stretching and strengthening techniques to bring balance to your body to decrease pain, the chance of reoccurring injuries, and improve function.

    Great For:
    • Sports Injuries
    • Pain Relief
    • Back Pain
    • Restriced or Limited Movement

    If you're looking to improve your sporting abilities or movement in general, having a balanced body is a necessity.

    Trigger Point Therapy

    To successfully resolve your trigger point pain I will locate the point responsible for the pain and treat using myofascial release (to treat the surrounding fascia, or Connective Tissue), ischemic compressions (similar to Prssure Point Therapy), and deep tissue techniques. Once the trigger point(s) involved have been released I will elongate and loosen strained and hypertonic (Tense) muscles using muscle energy techniques (MET) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching to prevent muscles from returning to the position where the trigger points were formed. After the treatment I will most likely give you take-home exercises or stretches to prevent the reoccurrence of the offending trigger points.

    Great For:
    • Local Pain
    • Wry Neck
    • Eliminating Restriction
    • "Knots"
    • This is a very effective treatment for most general pain conditions

    • Massage Therapy

    Around since ancient times, massage is a general term used for hands-on soft tissue work. Therapeutic massage consists of a firmer touch, and some Deep Tissue with the goal of loosening and decreasing muscle tension. In a Relaxation Massage, or Swedish Massage, the goal is to place the client into a deep state of relaxation. In both styles I will use various techniques such as, effleurage (gliding strokes), tapotement (percussive techniques), petrissage (kneading), and many more to achieve whatever your goal may be. In both styles you will have increased circulation, lymphatic movement, decreased blood pressure, increased muscle tone, and decreased tension.

    Great For:
    • Reducing Tension
    • Stress Reduction
    • Increased Circulation
    • Recovery (ex. Surgery or Sporting Events)

    Massage treatment includes Sports Massage. "Massage" is a general term used for soft tissue and hands on treatments.

    Myofascial Dry Needling (MDN)

    Dry Needling, also known as: Myofascial/Muskuloskeletal Acupuncture and Intramuscular Stimulation, is one of the most effective therapies for the removal of Triggerpoints and Muscular Dysfunction. Dry Needling is also great for pain management. The basic technique for Dry Needling is the insertion of a very fine, solid filament, acupuncture needle into the tissues affected. Functional MDN can be used to lengthen muscles, so if you have problems touching your toes or any other restricted movement MDN can be used to work through the restriction.

    Great For:
    • Ligament Sprains
    • Tendonitis
    • Pain Syndromes
    • Restricted Movement

    Acute Injury Management

    If you have had an soft tissue sporting injury in the last 72 hours I can set you on the path to thorough recovery. I will, as appropriate: bandage, treat or use cryotherapy treatments, and inform you on the recovery process. To help prevent future injury or reoccurrence of injury I will send you home with a proper R.I.C.E. Procedure form and work with you through the healing process to promote strong, elastic scar-tissue growth and proper repair of the tissues.

    Post-Workout Recovery Rub:

    Tired of being sore and stiff the next day, after a big workout? Stop by for a quick rub down to promote muscle recovery, circulation, and decrease tension for a better recovery.

    *My treatments are goal based, I will work towards your goal whether that is athletic performance, pain elimination, or prevention.

    *Myofascial Dry Needling not currently offered at the Brighton East location.

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