Kinesiology and Passione Geelong & Torquay.

By: Passionate Being  24-Mar-2014
Keywords: Coaching, Personal Development, Healing

Belinda Claveria is a qualified Kinesiologist and Passion Coach. Imagine living passionately. Life flows, your health reflects you clarity and vitality, you feel light and courageous, your relationships are authentic and nourishing, you feel balanced and joyful. You have tools and courage to communicate what you want and deal with the stress that life throws you. This is all possible! I'm qualified and passionate about you and your children living a healthy passionate life: PASSION SELF CONFIDENCE ENERGY & VITALITY BALANCED EMOTIONS & JOY Belinda combines a number of modalities to get effective results, transforming the lives of adults and children. Kinesiology is an effective natural therapy that uses gentle muscle testing to find the imbalances in the body in combination with years of training in other healing modalities and counselling and coaching techniques. I specialize in anxiety in adults and children and all matters of the heart: love, relationships, sensuality, life path, low libido and communication skills. I also have extra training for children of all ages to assist with learning issues and high stress states. My mission is support people to live healthy passionate lives. Find out more by visiting ‚Äč

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