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By: Philanp  16-Sep-2012
Keywords: Pig, Stock Feeds, Additive

  Toco&Dinin  on Flesh Pigs 

  1. Rapidly enhances growth speed of the 60kg pig at the fattening stage (it is recommended that Toco&Dinin  is used from 50kg of body weight).  l For local and cross bred pigs, average weight gain weighted at the finishing stage increases by 15~26%, average daily weight gain increases by 870g ~ 1130g. l For pure bred pigs, average weight gain weighted at the finishing stage increases by 7 ~ 13%, average daily weight gain increases by 900g ~1320g. l When finishing at 90kg, pigs have gained an extra 10 ~ 13kg of body weight, and when finishing at 110kg, average body weight gain is 15-17 kg greater than the control group.
2. Significantly increases pig appetite. Raising the animal feed protein composition, altering the feed/meat ratio to 2.6~2.9:1.
3.  Reduce body fat, contract abdomen, reduce the thickness of back fat (7.03~11.7%) and decrease plank oil (6~9%), Raise slaughter rate by 4.86~7.23%; significantly lower the level of fat in the liver, protect liver and kidneys.

  Sggestions for use (recommendations only):
1. Combine with organic chrome to increase lean meat ratio; (including eye muscle area and the component of the longest back muscle) When combined with cysteamine, nano zinc oxide and arsenic, Toco&Dinin  gives ideal result in improving the growth rate of piglets and young pigs.  (cross bred pigs increase weight gain by 15~27% on average, and finishing time at 15kg is reduced to 100 days).
2. When combined with antibiotics, probiotics, oligosaccharides and growth-promoting agents, Toco&Dinin  increases functions of each of the above medical materials.
3.   Decreasing rough protein by 0.5~1.5% in the daily feed will not affect growth speed (however, a strict level of Lysine should be maintained to the following levels) Lys: cross bred pig ≥ 0.84; pure bred pig ≥ 0.98  <CP≥17.5, DE≥3.2>

Keywords: Additive, Pig, Stock Feeds,