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By: Philanp  16-Sep-2012
Keywords: Pig, Stock Feeds, Additive

  1.       Specialized in Growth promotion chemicals for animal feeds Ten years experience especially for B agonist – like Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, Salbutamol, ractopamine and derivatives, Nitrovin, Aktedron, Zearalanone, nandrolone phenylpropionate, Zilpaterol, phenelethanolamines.  
2.  Theory study and research RMIT study of teletraffic algorithm and methodology , Business Plan for Philanp BioNutri The methodology and algorithm can be utilized for Animal feeds formulation. Business Planning documentation for Philanp BioNutri  
3.       Top American consultancy company’s professional methodology model Experience with Joint group with top American consultancy company with Accenture Consultancy service upon customized solution, the concept and tools can be used for animal feeds. The traditional animal feeds sales techniques can be optimised.
4.       China inland effective sales channel That is the reason some of Australian and Malaysian companies want to utilize for their product.   Upon fifteen years dedicated efforts: we set up mature effective sales channels with most of the top Chinese animal feeds groups and companies.  

1.       Bayer China headquarters – Northern China for bundle with Bayer Premix Feeds as growth performance reinforcement package, together bundle sales with Bayer product. Setup strong relationship with the Bayer headquarters technology level and Bayer sole main Northern distributors. 2.       American Continental Grain Company
3.       Chinese biggest Animal feeds company : Wellhope Agri-Tech Co., Ltd Strong and long term relationship with the director and CEO ; Headquarter level of Chief Technology officer (CFO).
4.       Charoen Pokphand Group (Chinese - ZhengDa Group), Liuhe Group Co. Ltd My relationship can be extended to almost 80% of Chinese top Animal feeds groups
5.       Australia:  John Dones Australia Ltd, an Australian farm starts to set up a long term partnership with us. (John Downes<[email protected] ) Their Product is of Australian Barley and animal output like : goats, cattles.   
6   American company : thehub Ltd, (Guido Friedmann) : Omega-3 product Providing natural OMEGA 3 products of European origin for hogs, broilers, layers, rabbits, horses and aquatic products    
7   Int. Trade Fair for Intensive Animal Production and Processing
8.  China biggest herb abstract chemistry factory as JIAHE group  

Keywords: Additive, Pig, Stock Feeds,