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Composite Decking boards from Durable Deck®

By: Durable Deck®  19-Dec-2012
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6 Reasons to choose Durable Deck® composite decking.. 1. Virtually zero maintenance compared to timber or pine decking! With a very low maintenance your Durable Deck® will remain beautiful for many many years to come. Real wood decking requires paint and heavy maintenance every year! It requires replacement of rotting or uneven deck, replacement of rusty nails. Durable Deck® requires very little maintenance. We just recommend you to periodically clean your decking. That’s all! 2. Durable Deck® durability Traditional timber decking is pretty nice – but only when you just installed. Rain, humidity, cold and then summer heat will take the toll on your decking! Leaving you with many deck boards splintered or warped. Your traditional wood deck will look already old, just after the first 12 month. On the contrary our Durable Deck® composite decking, available throughout Australia, is weather tested. We are so confident of Durable Deck® durability that we back it with a limited 10-year residential warranty. 3. Durable Deck® is a GREEN deck Durable Deck® composite decking is made from 55% recycled bamboo fibers and 30% recycled plastics (HDPE) and 15% environmentally friendly pigments and agents! No trees are cut to produce our raw material. Quite the opposite! We use wasted bamboo and recycled plastic (from plastic grocery bags) to create our composite material. All the supply chain from raw material procurement, to production process, to warehousing and distribution is handled and managed by our Australian and European Technical staff. All the products we offer are produced with an uncompromising commitment to the highest regard for ethical and sustainable production, for both the people and the environment. From raw materials to the outer packaging everything is thoughtfully produced and sourced helping the community reduce, re-use and recycle. 4. Durable Deck® safety Durable Deck® composite decking, contrary to timber or pine decking, is stronger, more durable, termite and mold resistant. Our composite decking does not splint. So relax and kick off your shoes. Our composite decking is an ideal solution for your patio, for your garden, for café/pub or restaurant outdoor areas. 5. Durable Deck® natural feeling with luxurious look When you touch or smell Durable Deck® composite decking will give you the feeling of natural wood. Our decking does not look like plastic at all! It has a luxurious modern look! Durable Deck® not only will improve your lifestyle, it will also add value to your beautiful home. 6. Top value composite decking at affordable price We are running a huge SALE on all our Durable Deck® products! Don’t miss the opportunity we offer you these days. You will not regret it. Still have some questions? Don’t worry! Give us a call or send an email. We will be very happy to assist you.

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