eBMS Supply Chain Solutions

By: eBMS Pty Ltd.  04-Apr-2012
Keywords: Process Management, It Business, It Business Management

Improve your supply chain & create a real value chain, your customers will be amazed. eBMS can continuously improve all of your supply chain management and procurement management requirements. The importance of an efficient supply chain must be emphasised. It is critical to create a value chain for your customer and their customers. If you deliver on time, meeting your customer’s expectations, would you increase your future sales? Would you improve the image and value perception of your products and services? Would you build trust, credibility and strengthen the relationship with your customers? Would it save money to identifying weaknesses in the supply chain and solve those issues. If not, what could you lose? Imagine having access to all the supply chain answers that will surprise your customer. Our supply chain philosophy is simple. We use your data more efficiently, so more people can use it and take appropriate actions. The result is an easy to view and use presentation layer that provides simple “drop downs” to analyse your supply chain performance more clearly.

Keywords: It Business, It Business Management, Process Management,

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eBMS VBA Solutions

eBMS have deep skills within the area of VBA programming.

Risk Management System from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

Risk Management System

eBMS Risk Management System provides you the best risk management tools that enables you to proactively address reputational, financial, operational IT risks against your corporate objectives.

Project Management System from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

Project Management System

eBMS Australia’s Project Management System empowers organizations to manage people and processes more effectively, while streamlining the entire project management lifecycle.

OH&S Safety Management System from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

OH&S Safety Management System

eBMS Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System allows organizations to record, track, investigate and report OHS related incidents, accidents and injuries.

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Environmental Management System

eBMS Australia’s Environmental Management System enables organizations to identify, rank, and track significant environmental aspects, impacts and incidents.

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HR Management System

ebms Australia’s affordable human resource management software service helps you to track all information related to HR management in one central place, and will accurately inform your HR management plan.

eBMS Supplier Management System from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

eBMS Supplier Management System

eBMS takes a complete lifecycle approach to supplier relationship management (SRM).

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Customer Complaint / Service System

eBMS provides users with a central location to effectively track and manage customer complaints and all corresponding follow-up actions.

Rebate System from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

Rebate System

This system can be tailored to suit the exact needs so that you may have better control and reporting capabilities on rebates for distributors.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The eBMS CRM can be customised to address all your customer management needs and enable the capturing, tracking and analysis of customer records in a unique way that best fit the culture, strategy and procedures of your sales department.

Contract Management System from eBMS Pty Ltd. thumbnail

Contract Management System

eBMS Australia’s IT Contract Management Management System (CMS) gives you full control of the contract procurement process.


eBMS Dyanamic Charting

eBMS has genuinely had comments such as AWESOME, POWERFUL, INCREDIBLY INTUITIVE to describe its dynamic graphing solutions and applications.


eBMS Operations Performance

Many of our customers have claimed that this form of reporting can more readily identify new improvement projects and key performance indicators.


eBMS Application Development

eBMS has developed and deployed over one hundred different excel applications.