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By: Fix Your Body - Massage + Fitness  19-Jun-2013
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Massage I'm not your average massage therapist. I push hard. If you don't like hard you won't like me probably. But that said, there are degrees of hard. The skill is to apply pressure according to the condition of the muscle and this is an acquired skill I've worked hard to achieve. Most massage therapists don't have a sports science degree and their anatomy knowledge can be less than complete. I can tell you which muscle hurts, where it starts and stops and what it does. AND how it is used by your body in combination with other muscles to do things you didn't know. If you've hurt yourself we'll work out how you did it and I'll give you exercises so you don't do it again. If you like a hard massage with that pain that hurts but feels like it's exactly what you need and in the spot you know needs the work then I'm your man. I earned a Diploma of Remedial Massage from the Health Arts College in Box Hill and I've been operating as an accredited therapist for the last five years. A remedial massage treatment is suggested when there is an injury to the soft tissue of the body and works to increase blood flow and or assist relaxation or reduced stress to the injured area. Injuries will repair more quickly with this type of treatment - in up to half the time of other types of traditional treatments. Remedial Massage is claimable on your health insurance if you have extras. Of course if you just want a relaxing massage with slightly more pressure than usual I can do that for you too... easy!! Sok... you want a REAL massage that will help you recover and feel better. Recover from what? Maybe just from hard work... sitting all day, standing all day, repetitive actions, hard working condtions, hard training... Or from injury... damaged soft tissue - that is - muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia perhaps caused by a particular thing that happened or related to over use. Remedial massage is designed just for these circumstances. Hard deep massage at the right spot using the right techniques increases blood flow and separates muscle fibres to assist recovery. It has been regularly researched to shorten periods of pain and injury by 50%. Sometimes I wish I could massage myself... Just a quick disclaimer though... We've all been massaged by the tough guy who wants to prove a point by massaging you as hard as he can to prove he can hurt you... but I'm not that person. There's a point at which pushing harder doesn't increase blood flow more - in fact it causes the massaged person to 'guard' against the pain by contracting the area you're trying to massage and restricts blood flow. So I work at YOUR pain threshold. I guess I'm saying that I can massage as hard as you want me to providing you can cope with it but I'm guided by your feedback at the harder end of pressure. My massage clients are about a 50/50 male to female ratio including tradesmen, all sorts of sports people, office workers, mum with kids (carrying them on one hip is murder.... try to rotate them a bit), mums to be, stress heads and the like. So don't be shy about it - massage will give you good results even if you don't think you need it... Because, actually... you do.

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