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By: The Hypnotherapy Group  30-Jun-2011
Keywords: Personal Development, Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking

helping and healing yourself
Y  you are in control
puts you in touch with yourself and your subconscious mind
N  not sleep, but a relaxed state
O  only as far as you are ready to make those changes

S  safely allowing you therapeutic insights
 intensified attention and receptiveness
S  staying focused on issues – successful results

Hypnotherapy is a way of using the normal process of a trance like state to help a person to make positive changes. At The Hypnotherapy Group - we can help you with many issues, such as; 

·        Habits - such as: smoking & nail biting or compulsions 

·        Phobias - such as fear of: flying, spiders, animals & certain situations

·        Getting rid of weight

·        Stress and Anxiety - such as: work stress, family/relationship stress, exam/driving test nerves, guilt, anger,  panic attacks

·        Confidence and Self esteem 

·        Pain relief & rapid healing

·        Hypnobirthing – reducing pain during child birth

Hypnotherapy is not just about helping with problems, it can also help to improve on the skills you have, and help you to build new ones, in areas such as:


  • Public Speaking
  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Career Progression
  • Sports Performance
  • Motivation
  • Increase Confidence, Self Worth & Self esteem


There are so many more issues that Hypnotherapy can help with, please feel free to call Nicola with any enquiries on 0409 185 551.

Keywords: Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Personal Development, Quit Smoking