To God Be the Glory

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By: World To Christ International (Australia) Inc.  12-Jan-2012
Keywords: Evangelism , Christian Ministry

"To God be the Glory" recounts a few of the many stories of lives touched and transformed by being connected with June Sutton and her missionary work in Hong Kong, China, Australia and Eastern Europe. June shares the highs and lows of missionary life and some of the miraculous encounters God led her into during the past forty years. In her ever-practical ‘Christian educationalist’ manner, June gives detailed insights into the practical steps needed to understand and implement vision in our lives and ministry, and shares many of the lessons learned from her life surrendered in obedience to God’s vision and call. More than an interesting story about June’s life, this book will inspire, encourage and equip you to move forward in the call God has on your life. Foreword to "To God Be The Glory" Chinese Book CoverI first met June at Wheaton College Graduate School (USA) in 1976. I remember being quite stunned that the dynamic Australian Baptist missionary I had read about could be contained in such a short body. Together we studied, cooked and agonised over the mysteries of US academia. June convinced me that she couldn't fathom the texts and pled for my help with her assignments. Her results came out better than mine! June has always been an achiever - a Kingdom achiever. She is clear sighted about her God-given goals. She pursues these with an inspired determination that might weary many. When she first encountered the Holy Spirit, personal healing and gifts of the Spirit, she was intent to explore all God had for her no matter what the cost or the readjustment difficulties. The Kingdom comes first for June. She never takes a neutral stance. When I feel uncomfortable with June I usually discover that I am toying with some lesser goal than full surrender to Jesus. She has often embarrassed me by saying to others how gifted I am and how much she believes God wants to use me. I am so grateful for June for seeing the possibilities for God in me and lovingly calling me to reach these heights. I have learnt from June to value the risky freedom of being Spirit led over the safety of choosing organisational roles in ministry. It hasn't been a pain-free journey for June. But I have learnt from June that it is a journey into increasing freedom, healing and the multiplication of ministries. I have had so many fun times with June. We visited Chinese house churches - a clandestine operation down dark alleys. Being incognito wasn't easy for someone taller and with red hair. But June, as usual, had a solution - a small black cotton cap so I wouldn't be recognised. We weren't arrested but maybe not because of the black cap. Then we were playing tennis one day and I could not connect with any of her powerful returns. So I appealed to her theology. "Let's play Kingdom tennis. You hit balls that I can return." I had more fun and surprisingly so did June. Over the years I have seen June face many triumphs but also many challenges, some bouts of sickness and times of frustration and disappointment. Through all of this I have seen her grow gentler, warmer, softer and increasingly open to the whispers of the Spirit. Many like me are deeply grateful for June in our lives. Thank you God for my dear friend June. Dorothy Mathieson BA, MA, PhD

Keywords: Christian Ministry, Evangelism

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