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By: Water Care & Health  18-Jun-2011
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It's what a keen health self-manager does every day. So something you do every day needs to work as well as you can afford. We looked at every juicer for its abilities in juicing output, ease of use, ease of cleaning and length of durable service you can expect. We also looked at the basic claims made for juicers; that slow turning auger systems preserve juice and its vital enzymes. The slower the juicer, the cooler the process - and the less vital enzyme loss through heat.

If you are serious about juicing, you are serious about health. If you are serious about health you eat organic. With the cost of organic fruit and vegetables getting higher every day, it's natural to ask that the juicer you buy extracts more of your favorite juices. Let's be clear here. Favorite juices for 95% of juicer owners are carrot, and apple, with wheat grass a close third. All juicers are less efficient on certain juicing tasks, but if they do best on our favorites then that's the obvious choice - not just for speed of operation but for the many hundreds of dollars you can save with a more efficient juicer.

The Angel tested highest in all three areas: carrots, apples and wheat grass. 

The Angel's secret is its solid stainless steel augers - almost double the size of all the other models.

The Angel has less parts than its nearest competitor, the Kempo, and unlike the Kempo, you can move from vegetable to fruit with no change of juicing screens. This is quite an important point considering most of us love a mixed juice such as apple, carrot and ginger. The Kempo requires partial disassembly and washing every time you change from fruit to vegetable. Hard vegetables and fruit can be fed more easily into the less expensive Matstone and Oscar, but produce much less juice than the Angel juicer.

The Angel's grinding augers are also by far the easiest to install before use. Because it is a triturating juicer rather than a macerating juicer, the Angel doesn't grab or bite off chunks of carrot or apple. It requires a little more feed effort than the Matstone or the Oscar, and is very similar to the Kempo.

The Angel has only 3 main components needing proper cleaning: 2 augers and the juicing screen. The plunger and the screen cover need a rinse, as does the attachment point on the juicer. The Kempo's cleaning is far more complex and it has nooks and crannies where juice pulp catches. As already mentioned, it also needs a double cleanup if you are making a combo cocktail. A special 'toothpick' tool is even supplied and must be kept handy, whereas the Angel can use any normal kitchen brush and bottlebrush. (One is supplied) The Oscar and Matstone have simpler cleansing requirements than the Kempo.

Given that the Angel costs more than all the other units, we need to know how long it's going to keep supplying us with health-supporting, enzyme-packed juices. The Angel is the only stainless steel juicer on the market. It has a big motor that runs far more slowly than the Kempo (which means greater enzyme-saving ability). It also has every required safety feature as required for its international CE certification. We will happily offer a 5 year motor warranty on this robust system over and above our normal WCH 2 year parts and labor warranty.

In terms of the value for money, the ongoing cost of fruit & vegetable is critical. We tested to ascertain how many grams of carrot juice was created from 300g of carrots.

We then took the waste pulp from the Kempo and passed it through the Angel...

Based on our tests, and calculating the cost of one 250ml. carrot juice per day for a family of four, the Angel would save you over $7000 over 5 years, (compared with output from the same amount of carrots in a Kempo juicer in our tests).

  1. It gives you more juice - Much more! Take a look at either of our live tests and their results here. There’s simply no doubt; even though it costs more, it saves you real money every day, and avoids you wasting precious juice that you'd otherwise throw away!
  2. Save time, save water, save juice - You don't need to change over nozzles etc during a mixed juice creation. Cheaper units can't match Angel's all-round ability to juice any combo of fruit and vegetable you create.
  3. Stainless Steel means a lifetime of juicing - It's not plastic, it's stainless. It's solid, built like we used to build cars. Stainless steel's germicidal ability works every time you make a juice. Plastic, nylon, lexan, or other polycarbonate materials can contaminate your food!
  4. Solid stainless steel gears - The heart of the system, the two powerful gears, are solid medical grade 304 stainless steel. No plastic, no lexan, just stainless.
  5. Slow Food Movement - At 86 RPM, the Angel is mechanically far slower than cheaper twin-gear juicers. Slower means cooler, and cooler means more immunity-building live enzymes in your juices. Yet, it's still as fast in operation as other twin gear juicers because of its unique extraction-screen design.
  6. Three Horses - Angel’s twin gears apply the equivalent of 3HP of extraction energy. It means more juice, more vital energy in the juice – and because it’s so well-built, you'll still get years of juices from your investment.
  7. Two Stage Extraction System - Stage One applies constant pressure on the fruit or vegetable. Stage two grinds and masticates, creating the driest pulp of any juicer available!
  8. Triple Screen system - One-piece integrated screen gives more juice every time.
  9. Keeping It Simple - One screen for all means simple operation, fast wash up and fully interchangeable fruit and vegetable choice in the same juicing session. Pulp adjustment? Who needs it?
  10. Keeping it safe - Surface pesticides, fungicides and miticides end up in the ultra-dry pulp; not in your juice.
  11. You find it, Angel will juice it - Extremely wide range of items you can juice, from mangoes to wheat grass to pine needles! Enjoy your own soy milk, tofu, meat pate, baby food, frozen fruit sorbet, and even peanut butter.
  12. Safety in Design - The Angel comes packed with exclusive safety features including:
    • Automatic thermal protection device and anti-jamming automatic reverse give you as user, peace of mind. The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.
    • Extra Rocker Switch
    • Internal Gear Protection
    • Reinforcement of Switch Panel
    • Double Protection of motor and Main Housing Unit, and Screen Housing
    • Blockages from overload or jamming can easily be cleared with the Reverse Action switch
    • Inbuilt extra quiet cooling fan prevents motor overheating

The Super Angel Juicer's twin gears are designed to operate at a slow RPM in order to keep almost 100% of the enzymes and nutrients alive during the juicing process. The Super Angel Juicer is the only juicer on the market that limits twin gear speeds to 82 RPM. Accordingly, to maintain the juicer's effectiveness you should not overload the feeding chute. Doing so may cause the gears to jam and limit maximum enzyme and nutrient extraction.

  • Completely depress food into the feeding chute with the wooden pusher and then feed additional food. Don't worry about depressing the wooden pusher till it touches the twin, it will not harm the gears or plunger. (The plunger is made from the same high quality wood as those found in fine chopping blocks. Any accidental particles of cellulose scrapped off from contact with the twin gears are natural and non-toxic and will harmlessly pass through with the pulp.)
  • If jamming occurs, press and hold the‘Reverse’ Button for 2 to 3 seconds (or press and hold down as required until it clears) and then press the Start button to continue juicing. Depending on the severity of the jam, you may need to repeat this a few times.
  • Carrots: Cutting carrots aren't necessary as long as the diameters fit into the feeding chute. However for best results, we suggest you cut the carrots lengthwise into 5 to 6 inches parts and always insert the thinner part first as it would be grabbed more effectively by the twin gears.
  • Please insert a piece after one piece crushed down completely.
  • Do not put a number of small chopped pieces of carrots at a time into the feeding chute, otherwise it will get stuck.
  • Do not apply excessive force while pushing food down into the feeding chute. Only moderate pressure is required to avoid jamming or getting stuck.
  • Dandelion, Parsley, Endive or other leafy greens: By feeding small, handful amounts at a time, the leafy greens will be self-fed into the juicer by the twin gears. Please insert the stem (stalk) part of the leafy greens first for self-feeding.
  • Wheat grass: Feed small, handful amounts of wheat grass into the feeding chute. The wooden pusher may not be necessary as the wheat grass will be self-fed into the machine as long as appropriate amounts are fed at a time.
  • Do not overload.

Keywords: Chemical Free Cleaner

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