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Rear Window Saver from Plasweld Pty Ltd

By: Plasweld Pty Ltd  09-Apr-2013
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Protection for your rear windscreen. Now isn’t this a great idea? If you tow a van or trailer (particularly off road) you need this product! Not many people understand the cost of having to repair a rear vehicle window which has broken as a result of a stone bouncing up from a van or trailer. Rear windows can cost up to 5 times more to replace than a front windscreen and some insurance policies may not even cover it. On top of that there’s the inconvenience. If you bust a rear window out at whoop whoop you’ll be eating dust and flies all the way back to the city. Custom made from impact resistant clear polycarbonate (250 times stronger than glass) the Rear Window Saver provides cheap insurance against a spoiled trip. So, how do our Rear Window Savers work? Well, we have developed templates for many popular makes including Land Cruiser 100 and 200 series, GU Patrol, Prado 120 & 150 to name a few. They are cut to specifically fit and mould to the curvature of the rear window. They attach with a series of high quality, double action suctions cups so that they take only seconds to install and remove. So there is not need to permanently attach any fixing to your vehicle. No messy hook and loop fixing that can get clogged with dust and mud either. And we have never had a customer tell us that the Rear Window Saver has fallen off using our system! The suckers can be replaced if needed and we always have spares available in stock. We have customers all over Australia and our price includes free delivery to most areas including, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and many suburbs and major regional centres. According to our customers they’re are a pretty good thing. Dear Plasweld “We have just returned from a nearly 5000km trip to Birdsville and other outback areas, across a lot of rough road. I am happy to now let you know that the Plasweld rear window shield suction caps worked pretty well, and I certainly didn’t lose the shield as I had previously feared. A few of the caps needed to be ‘restuck’ occasionally as the moisture dried out and dust getting under the caps made them come loose but this was readily fixed – I just needed to remember to check the shield periodically and restick when required. So I just wanted to let you know that your product performed well and I am most happy with it now. In fact, there were a few people interested in the protector and took down your details so you might get a bit of referred business!” Sincerley Roger (ACT – 100 Series LandCruiser) G’day Plasweld “Just wanted to give you a quick ‘thumbs up’ for the window protector we purchased from you for our 200 Series Cruiser. We are finally back from our trip down the Canning and what a trip it was. I was really impressed with the way your Rear Window Saver held on over even the roughest roads. I noticed that the back of the Cruiser suffered a number of stone chips so I can only imagine what would have happened if my rear window was unprotected. Having broken one on our previous vehicle I was not about to let it happen again and your product certainly boosted our confidence in that regard. So all in all we are very happy and thanks again.”

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