Floatation therapy - coming soon

Floatation therapy - coming soon from Inner Outer Health Pty Ltd

By: Inner Outer Health Pty Ltd  11-Nov-2010
Keywords: Muscle Tension, Loosen Tight Muscles, Restore Range of Movement,

 “A revolutionary tool for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Total Relaxation, and the Liberation of the Powers of Mind and Body”

The Apollo float tank is a light-proof, sound-insulated capsule which contains 30cm of water with 25% saturated Epsom Salts solution - five times denser and more buoyant than sea water. Lying back, you float effortlessly on the surface with all parts of your body firmly supported. Your muscles no longer have to fight against the constant downward push of gravity, the single greatest cause of wear and tear to bones, joints and body tissue. As muscle tension melts away, you will find yourself floating weightless and free, like an astronaut in zero gravity conditions. 

While you are floating, your ears are below the surface of the solution, cutting out external sounds. Many people, however, find that gentle ambient music accelerates and intensifies the relaxation process. The Apollo's powerful underwater speaker system creates the feeling that you are floating in a sea of music, enhancing the rich dream-like quality of the experience.

The temperature inside the capsule is kept at a constant 34.5° - relaxed skin temperature. As a result, the nerve endings which cover the surface of the skin no longer perceive any sense of separation between the skin and the silky mineral solution which surrounds it.

The float tank screens out these external physical stimuli, creating a pure state of "sensory" relaxation. Under these unique conditions your body has a chance to restore its natural powers of self regulation, while you simply lie back and rediscover the latent abilities of a deeply relaxed mind.

In the dark, weightless tranquillity of the Apollo float tank, the boundaries of your body seem to dissolve and vanish. As you enter progressively deeper levels of relaxation, even your body seems to "disappear" from conscious awareness because of the sharp reduction in signals being transmitted through the nervous system to the brain.

Free from all external stimulation, your body can achieve a state of relaxation which is deeper, purer and more beneficial than sleep. With no body to look after, your mind can attend to other business.

Keywords: Loosen Tight Muscles, Muscle Tension, Restore Range of Movement,

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