CompleteSleeprrr 'Original' Memory Foam Pillow

CompleteSleeprrr 'Original' Memory Foam Pillow from Inner Outer Health Pty Ltd

By: Inner Outer Health Pty Ltd  04-Nov-2010
Keywords: Neck Pain, Headaches, Lower Back Pain

Choosing the right pillow can be challenging. To help you decide, ask yourself a few questions. Do you wake up during the night or in the morning feeling?

- A headache
- Feeling stiffness through your neck, back or shoulders
- Not getting enough sleep
- Feeling tired once you have woken up
- Finding yourself sleeping in an awkward position

Does your pillow cause you to sleep with your neck at an angle, too high or too low, too soft or too hard? The problem could simply be the pillow you’re sleeping on.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, no aches and pain, no headaches, no stiffness through your neck, shoulders or back, having more energy and feeling refreshed when getting out of bed.

inner outer health® can help you! Just bring in your old pillow when you come in for your initial myotherapy session and we will look at your present pillow and find the right pillow to suite your needs. Otherwise you can order online.

Keywords: Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Muscle Tension, Neck Pain, Pain Muscle

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