Yin Yang Magnetized Water Block

Yin Yang Magnetized Water Block from Magnetic Attraction

By: Magnetic Attraction  24-Jun-2012
Keywords: Arthritis, Magnets, Alkaline Water

ALKALINE WATER COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!Drinking NORTH Pole magnetized water may assist your body to heal itself and remain in an alkaline state.All illness stems from the same root cause….. too much tissue acid waste in the body.Viruses, fungi, bacteria and disease can only survive in an acid environment.Over 35 years of extensive research have shown that drinking alkaline water (north water) can aid in restoring health even in the most chronic diseases.INTERESTING THEORIES ON MAGNETIC WATER.Research has shown that magnetic North water has the ability to help the body repair the DNA of cells from within. Unfortunately we are exposed to thousands of toxins on a daily basis eg, chemicals in the atmosphere, food, toiletries, drinks, smoking/passive smoking. These toxins have the ability to damage cells and unless these cells are repaired they reproduce themselves in this mutated state, thus creating disease and ailments in the body, eg: arthritis to mental disorders.Studies have shown that our health conditions the result of deep cellular dehydration. Whilst we think that we are drinking our fluids, we often choose fluids such as coffee, tea and soft drinks that actually dehydrate the body at a rapid rate. Some benefits North Pole Magnetized water may have:+ Cleanse your body from the inside - Dissipate toxic deposits within the body’s connective tissues+ Aid the digestive system and regulate bowel movements+ Help balance your body’s pH levels (alkalinity and Acidity)+ Natural antibiotic - May assist in reducing inflammation and infections on wounds and sores+ Increase oxygen in the blood enabling the body to work more efficiently+ Cleanse skin affected with acne, bed sores and ulcerated areas, psoriasis/dermatitis+ Gout - Arthritis+ Kidney ailments+ Chronic acidosis related disease+ Increased energy+ Assist in alleviating headaches/migraines+ Minimize Cholesterol, calcium deposits and bad body fats that impede circulation And much more……Drinking Magnetized/Alkalized water has been reported to assist in many ailments, I have listed a few below:Arthritis, Urinary, flatulence, Mouth Ulcers, Sunburn, Spleen, Stomach, Sore Throats, Boils, Acne, Liver, Intestines, Fevers, Psoriasis, Eczema, Nervous System, Bowel Function, Stomach ulcers, Digestion, Dermatitis, Eye bathing, Menopause, Kidney, Gall Stones Gout, Vitality and General health and Well being.

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