Chiropractic and Health Practice

By: ChiroWorks Bayside  19-Jun-2014
Keywords: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Chiropractor

Some people think Chiropractors only fix sore necks and backs, in fact only a small percentage of people come and see us because they have neck pain or back pain. Most people come to Chiro-Works for other reasons. Some people will see us because they have acute pain or a health crisis, others have chronic health issues. These may include anything from migraine headaches, to sciatica, to asthma, to babies with colic, to people with bowel issues or poor immune systems, to name just a very few. The majority of our practice is made of individuals and families participating in lifestyle care. These are people who want to be healthy for a lifetime, they chose regular chiropractic adjustments, to help them reach optimal health, to prevent problems in the future and to enjoy a better quality of life. We see people at all stages and ages of life. From pregnant mums, to babies that are days old through to the elderly and everyone in-between. Currently our oldest patient is 86. If you remember how your body works – you will recall that you control and heal yourself – this all happens through your Nerve System. For you to be healthy you need 100% of the messages from your Brain to flow down your Spinal Cord and along your Nerves to every part of your body – to every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and gland. Any interference or blockage to these messages stops you from controlling and healing yourself 100%. It's a scientifically proven fact that this lowers your level of health. Our mission is to remove these areas of interference, enhancing your ability to be healthy. Are you looking for more energy and a better level of health? We are passionate about helping people, just like you, to be as healthy as possible for a lifetime. So, if you are experiencing health challenges or you would like our help to optimize your health then please call us, it would be a privilege to show you how chiropractic could help you. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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