Beginners & Level 1 Courses – Starting from 25th of July!

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Yoga School of Health

Beginners Courses – Starting 26th & 27th of July!

Felicity and Amanda would like to invite you to beginners classes that will give you more insight into Yoga; its physical, mental and spiritual benefits, Philosophy and the Yogic Lifestyle.

Did you know that Yoga postures (asanas) are onlyone part of what it means to practice Yoga?

Would you like to learn and perfect Sun Salutations A & B, a short series of stretching that stimulates your spine, nervous system and encourages suppleness and flexibility throughout your body?

This casual and friendly course will also include learning about the:

'Eight Limbs of Yoga’ and how to incorporate them into your daily life:

  • Yamas – Moral discipline; how we treat others.
  • Niyamas – Self-restraint; how we treat ourselves.
  • Asana – The practice of physical postures.
  • Pranayama – Control and union of life force (prana) via the breath.
  • Pratyahara – Control and withdrawal of the senses.
  • Dharana – The practice of concentration.
  • Dhyana – The practice of mindfulness meditation.
  • Samadhi – A shift in awareness; inner freedom.

A warm comfortable and relaxed environment.
The chance to experience Yoga as a lifestyle and its Philosophy.
Learn and have firm ability to perform the Sun Salutations on your own.
Be taught correct alignment for each posture in the Sun Salutation asanas (postures).
Understanding of Meditation techniques; helping to attain complete physical and mental relaxation.

Experience in Pranayama (breathing) techniques which can rejuvenate and revitalise your life, calming the mind, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

Level 1 Intermediate Course - Starting 25th & 28th of July.

This course is perfect for people who have some experience in Yoga but would like to workshop a variety of poses. You will learn correct alignment, breathing & benefits of the main fundamental asanas such as; standing poses, forward bends, backward bends, hip-openers, twists, inversions, balancing poses & restorative poses. Also some vinyasas (linking the body movement with the breath).

Details of courses.

One Class per Week (1.5 hours).
All courses run for 8 weeks.
Cost of either course is $180.00
Concession / Student discounts available.

Classes fill quickly so please contact us soon.

Email to get Banking details or to make other arrangements for Payments.


Term 3: Beginners Course Start Dates & Times – (Choose One Time)
Tuesday        26th July    7:30pm – 9:00pm          OR
Wednesday   27th July  11:30am – 1:00pm

LEVEL 1 Course Start Dates & Times
*Monday        25th July   11:30am  –  1:00pm       OR
*Thursday      28th July     7:00pm  –  8:30pm.

(*These Level 1 classes are also open to anyone on a casual basis One & 1/2 hours $22.00)

Keywords: Yoga