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By: Life Supports Counselling Melbourne  13-Jul-2011
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Anger Management


I first attended anger management counselling at Life Supports when my wife said that I either make some serious changes or she was leaving me.  I did not want to go to counselling, but it has been great.  I have learnt really positive skills around dealing with my marriage and the things that piss me off.  By doing the things I learnt in counselling I find myself feeling much less angry, my kids seem to like me much more and things are getting back on track with my wife.  I have finished counselling now, but if I have any drama’s I will be straight back to avoid falling into my old ways.


Ben - Hawthorn


Addiction Counselling


I attended counselling at Life Supports when my wife said that I either do something about my drinking or she is leaving me.  At the time I did not see that my drinking was really a problem and just wanted my wife to get off my back.  I found counselling really good and even found myself looking forward to the sessions.  The main thing I have learnt is that I tend to drink as a way of avoiding my problems and that by finding really positive ways to deal with my problems, I don’t feel the need to drink as much.  Things are much happier at home and I happier with my life.


Damien - Kew


Relationship Counselling


We had been married for 8 years before we finally decided that things needed to change in our marriage.  We had decided that we weren’t happy and that if things did not change, we would most likely separate.  We decided to go to Life Supports for counselling because they had appointments available in evenings and one of my friends had been there and found it really helpful.  In counselling to developed a really good understanding of the traps we were falling into and developed some really helpful and enjoyable ways to make our relationship better.  Counselling has helped us stop hurting each other and we now are much better at being accepting of our differences and finding ways to celebrate these differences.


We would highly recommend Life Supports Counselling Service.


Tim and Vanessa – Surrey Hills

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