Hypno Birth Testimonial 3

Hypno Birth Testimonial 3 from Melbourne Birth Support

By: Melbourne Birth Support  16-Jun-2011
Keywords: Pregnancy, Hypnosis, Birth

Dear Kelsey,

I am writing to pass on my sincerest thanks for your support during my pregnancy and arrival of our second beautiful son, Benjamin.

I initially came to you to learn about hypnobirthing techniques, in the hope that I could create a calmer and less painful labor and birth. I thought I would learn some psychological techniques that, hope-of-all-hopes, would get me through this second birthing experience, after having a difficult birthing experience the first time around.

It’s difficult to find the words to convey the experience of the sessions I had with you, and my introduction to hypnotherapy/hypnobirthing. What an amazing and powerful experience. I found that I was able to become much more in tune with my own self; thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes. But more than this, I was able to feel a clear and strong connection with my baby.What a profound and unexpected experience, to be able to move past all of the daily ‘busy-ness’ of pregnancy and parenthood, and find this clear, unbreakable, loving connection between my baby and I. All I had to do was close my eyes, relax and there he was, just waiting for me. There’s few words to describe the joy and wonderment of it. Through the guided sessions with you, I was able to tap into this connection and just ‘be’ with him.It’s an experience I will always be thankful for, and never forget.

As the weeks passed, to my great disappointment (and at times, distress), I found that I wasn’t able to have the natural birth that my husband and I had hoped for; instead having a planned caesarian section to enable the safe arrival of our big (and stubborn!) breech baby. You intuitively provided me with the exact support and guidance that I needed at different times. This spanned from exploring different techniques to get Ben to turn around, through to making the choice for a caesarean, adjusting and accepting this change in birth plan, preparing for a surgical birth, and for healing after Ben’s birth. You were there through each step, with support and encouragement.

While I didn’t have the opportunity to use the hypnobirthing techniques for a natural birth, the techniques were invaluable in helping me to cope with the lead-up to, and pre-operative preparation for the c-section. Whenever I became stressed or overwhelmed by what was happening, I was able to call on the things I’d learned from you, to enable me to relax and feel calm.

I also found the reiki incredibly beneficial in terms of preparation for birth and healing afterwards. There were more than a few “wow” moments for me, that convinced my inner-skeptic of the powers of reiki!

Throughout this whole experience, I have been so thankful for your support, encouragement and compassion, and for the skills you have shared to make this pregnancy, birth and parenting experience so much better than it might have been.

With gratitude,


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