TENS-100 nerve and muscle stimulator

TENS-100 nerve and muscle stimulator from Ashburton Natural Clinic

By: Ashburton Natural Clinic  12-May-2011
Keywords: Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine

 TENS-100 nerve and muscle stimulator is the instrument which combines electronic technology with acupuncture meridian of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the following specifications:

1. power supply: DC9V

2. Power Input: 0.5VA

3. Output Pulse Wave: un-symmetry Bi-direction pulse wave

4. Output Pulse Channel: 6 channels

5. Mix Output Power: 0.3VA

6. Output pulse pulse frequency range from 2Hz to 120Hz

7. Running Mode:
   Mode A & B: continuous waves (continuously)
   Mode C: continuous wave (variable)
   Mode D & E: frequency of distant waves
   Mode F: random wave
8. Output current: less than 50mA
9. Output pulse Width: 0.2ms
10. Volume: 150x75x31 mm3
11. Weight: 0.25kg
12. Warranty: 12 months manufactory
13. AUD 299 each or 538.20 for two (10%off)


Keywords: 17 Years Clinical Experience, Acupuncture, Bachelor and Master Degrees, Both Male and Female Practitioners, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Health Funds Rebate, Massage, Registered With Workcover and Tac,

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AUD 299.00 each and AUD 538.20 for two