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By: Feel Better Massage  07-Apr-2013
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The human nervous system is divided into two completely separate systems of nerves: the sympathetic ('fight-or'flight') nervous system, and the parasympathetic ('rest-and-digest') nervous system. Both of these systems operate simultaneously, along a kind of "sliding scale" — one is simply more active than the other. This means that at any given time we feel more stressed, or more relaxed. Relaxation massage aims to stimulate parasympathetic activity, bringing you more of a sense of calm by reducing your heart and breathing rates, providing passive circulation, and stimulating specific nerve endings in your muscles and skin which signal your brain to relax. Techniques applied include Swedish relaxation, deep warming, and myofascial release. Alongside breathing techniques and use of therapeutic language, I apply a combination of ancient knowledge and modern research to help you to be more relaxed and present. You'll be Feeling Better in no time. :-)

Keywords: Massage Clinic, Massage Services, Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy, Relaxation Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage

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