EnergySmart Go4Green - Energy Saving Device

EnergySmart Go4Green - Energy Saving Device from EnergySmart PowerSaver

By: EnergySmart PowerSaver  13-Apr-2011
Keywords: Energy Saving, Energy Management, Reduce Energy

The Go 4 Green EnergySmart is capable of reducing the amount of real power consumed by domestic customers as measured by the electricity meter in the home meter box. The Go 4 Green EnergySmart, when plugged in and turned on, will slow the electricity meter in YOUR home and if YOU slow the electricity meter YOU will be charged less on YOUR electricity bill, which means more money in your pocket. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Simply plug it in to any power point in a single phase home, turn on and start saving money NOW. At the cheaper rates of electricity the Go 4 Green EnergySmart did not make much sense, but at the current cost of electricity and predicted increase, the Go 4 Green EnergySmart makes all the sense in the world.

Focusing mainly on induction motors (fridges, freezers, micorwaves, rangehoods etc…) the EnergySmart Go4Green energy saving unit reduces losses, all the while reducing losses in distribution of electricity on the line within the house!

Keywords: Carbon Footprint, Energy Management, Energy Saving, Reduce Energy