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By: The Moxa Punk  13-Sep-2013
Keywords: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Natural Therapy

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, sterile needles into the body. Biomedical models to explain how it works include inhibition of nervous feedback, stimulation of hormone release, and transmission through the myofascia acting as a whole body organ that is interlinked with the rest of the body. Chinese medicine uses a model of qi flow in the body that can be regulated by acupuncture and Chinese Medicine acupuncturists use this model to diagnose and treat disease. Many of the concepts of acupuncture are difficult to explain succinctly. Qi is usually translated as 'energy', but is more accurately described as the insubstantial nature of something. Rocks have qi as well. But this is not just Eastern mumbo-jumbo - Western philosophy also has the concept of an essential aspect of something that is not presented materially to our senses. Some would say that the argument whether this is a useful or necessary concept has never been decided, but is just forgotten in our naively materialistic modern times. Enough? Let's just call qi energy. Acupuncture works regardless of the model used to explain it. It has been adopted by physiotherapists, myotherapists and other physical therapists as they can see how effectively it treats musculoskeletal pain. Many GP's also train in acupuncture so they can use it to treat a variety of conditions. Chinese medicine acupuncturists are pleased that other healthcare professionals recognise the usefulness of acupuncture, but feel that the 500 plus hours of supervised clinical training we must do to qualify for registration make us the best healthcare professionals to see for acupuncture treatment. Some other healthcare professionals learn acupuncture in a few days.

Keywords: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Natural Therapy

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