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By: Amanda Scott Art Therapy  16-Oct-2012
Keywords: Music, Personal Development, Healing

What is Art Therapy? Art therapy uses creative processes, including art making, drama, and movement to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being. Art therapy works by accessing imagination and creativity, to develop a more integrated sense of self, with increased self awareness and acceptance. Art Therapy can help us to find and create our life story, find meaning, purpose and direction in our life. The process can help us to heal ourselves and others and reach our full potential. Art Therapists work with clients experiencing mental illness, physical, terminal, and chronic illness, family and relationship crises, grief and loss, trauma, childhood development, addiction and substance abuse, through to businesses and employees to increase creativity, connection, productivity and innovation. Private Sessions Interested in having some private art therapy sessions? Couselling with a twist. Tailored to each individual, explore the creative process, the depths of yourself, gain insight, connect with yourself in new ways, and find empowerment to BE in whatever experience comes up. Art therapy can be a powerful way to shift, realign and connect. Why? I believe every person holds ALL the power, insight & knowledge they will ever need inside. What? Using therapeutic techniques with the creative process in a private session improves wellbeing by bringing together all parts of self to create wholeness and wholehearted living. How? Surrendering to the Creative process. Art Therapy Discovery Investment: $150.00 Commitment: One 90 minute session Kick start your creative journey with a 90 minute session. Realign and reconnect with your innate creativity, and float in the possibilities that open up from the courage it takes to begin the journey. Art Therapy Intensive Investment: $450.00 Commitment: 4 x 90 minute sessions over 1 month Create space for your own creativity. Commit to coming alive. Surrender into yourself, drop deep through the layers of self, to come home to yourself through the 4 week intensive art therapy journey, held, and witnessed. Art Therapy Cultivation Investment: $250.00 per month Commitment: 6 x 90 minute sessions over 3 months Cultivate the flow and momentum to be your true creative self, in this 3 month Art Therapy Journey. Discover, deepen and open to the messages that your creative spirit has in store for you! Be prepared to let go of expectations, let go of what you think you know, to make way to feel, deepen, and be seen for who you really are. Various locations around Melbourne.

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