Marks Chop Service

By: Marks & Co  09-Jan-2013
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Moulding Chop Service Calculating Measurements & Ordering Calculate United Centimetre Length For each moulding you are ordering as a chop calculate the United Centimetre Length by adding together one vertical and one horizontal side of the "frame package" (glass size) and multiply by two. This needs to be done for each frame of the same moulding. For example if the glass vertical size is 40 cm and the glass horizontal size is 50 cm then the United Centimetre Length is (40 + 50) x 2 = 180 cm. If you are ordering four frames of this size of the smae moulding the United Centimetre Length is 180 cm x 4 = 720 cm. Another example is, again for the same moulding, if you have one frame with glass size of 30 cm x 70 cm and one frame with glass size of 45 cm x 65 cm the United Centimeters Length calculation is as follows ((30 + 70) x 2) + ((45 + 65) x 2) = (200 + 220) = 420 cm. Select Chop Service Moulding All chop service moulding have the prefix CP- then the moulding code. For example the chop service moulding code for item 1242FTSL is CP-1242FTSL. Use our Moulding Finder to quickly locate the chop service moulding you require. Enter United Centimetre Length & Chop Instructions For each moulding enter the United Centimeter Length in the QTY field. Directly above the QTY field click on the blue "Chop Instructions" label and enter your chop instructions. For example "4 frames each 40 cm x 50 cm" or "1 frame 30 cm x 70 cm and 1 frame 45 cm x 65 cm." Place Your Moulding Chop Service Order Via Fax. ###ABN picture framing business's only

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