Roman Meyer is the Massage Therapist for the Kingborough Lions' Victory League

By: Roman Meyer  03-Jul-2014
Keywords: Back Pain, Massage Therapy, Remedial Massage

Well, it's not the latest news, but since I've been asked here is the thrill: I am now the Massage Therapist for the Kingborough Lions' Victory League soccer team. It's a great setup with a lot of people in the support team. Every Monday we have a 'recovery session' at the Aquatic Center, where we assess injuries, treat them or just let the guys have a cross-training session in the pool. This gives the body a chance to have a safe workout while moving in different ways to land based training. On top of that, they get pampered with a Massage, although I have to say, it's not of the relaxing type. Go, Lions go!

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