The Funeral Veil Lifted

By: Serenity Funeral Services  01-Jun-2015
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Serenity Funeral Services is breaking the old funeral traditional mold of secrecy and selling coffins directly to the public and offering cremation funeral services at budget prices. Its about time we as a society started unwrapping the mysteries of death and dying, this has been shrouded in mystery of what really happens at the funeral parlour. The funeral sector has wanted to public to seek their assistance in dealing with this part of their aspect of loss, grief and the dead. Well its about time the public was made aware that this process is not as mysterious as we are led to believe. We are not saying that parts of the death process shouldn't be the domain of specific preparation processes, particularly handling, storing and preparing bodies for viewings, either from natural or traumatic causes, the funeral director has a role. Why do you need to buy a coffin or casket that the funeral directors has part of their stock? and then have a service with their company, well most of this is family tradition, mum and dad used company X so i suppose i should. Why is this process so expensive, several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, that is why most funeral directors are millionaires, but would avoid any questioning about this, fearing the public would see them as taking advantage of people at their most vunerable time to become rich of others grief. Understandably there are overheads in running a business but funeral directors have traditionally filled a void that most people dont want to know about, and want to keep that way, so they have taken advantage when most people are at the lowest emotional time of their life and charge exorbitant amounts of money to ease their pain and make the process less traumatic at until you get the bill. Are you aware that a majority of Tasmanian funeral services are owned by INVACARE, a major bank owned asset, run to help shareholders make money, so your local funeral directors might still be the face of the business and employ locals but you can be assured your money is leaving the state to fill the coffers of other in Sydney, Melbourne and overseas. So who is driving the funeral prices you pay? some faceless directors and shareholders. They also own a majority of Cemeteries in Southern Tasmania, so your grave plot cost is driven by the same share holders and most of your money is going out of state through this purchase. Except for those areas of storage, handling and preparation for viewing of the dead, most of the planning and conduct can be done by you, even registration of death can be done by you, this is why you are kept in the dark, so you will always seek their services. We at Serenity Funeral Services seek to play a minimal role in this process and provide access to reasonably priced Eco friendly coffins and basic cremation services, our philosophy is based on Leaving Lightly and leaving a low or zero carbon footprint, this is why we wont provide burial services, eventually we will run out of ground and we will revert to the practices in Europe in the 1500s when bones were removed from graves and another body put in. Working in the health service in Tasmania and South Australia as a Registered Nurse has given me a perspective of assisting people to achieve an outcome they are comfortable with whether achieving health or accepting dying as part of living and watching the behind the scenes issues of the funeral industry, i believed there is better way of assisting people through the loss and grief process without bankrupting them so i formed Serenity Funeral Services.

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