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By:  18-Mar-2015
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Barcode Label Generator Software is the application that creates list of labels using batch processing series feature. This program lets users to generate 1D as well as 2D labels in an automated manner. Barcode Maker Program supports various image drawing tools as line, ellipse, color, text, rectangle, square etc to create labels in various card shapes. Once users have created bar code label, then they can print it by using laser as well as thermal printer. Label designing application is simple to understand for all novice users to create bar code without any technical proficiency required from others. Some essential features are listed here as follows: 1-Linear and 2D text font methodology support to create labels for any business type 2-Image drawing tools to create bar code in various card shapes 3-No technical help or assistance is required to create bar code labels 4-Print preview facility before actual bar code printing 5-Save all created barcode images in PC using various image file formats as gif, jpeg, bitmap etc 6-Barcode label printing using laser as well as thermal printer 7-Users can adjust top, bottom, left, right, header and footer margins as per their need 8-Inbuilt email setting feature to send created images on specific email address 9- Background and color editing feature

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