Comments from Students

By: Tanran Reiki  06-Oct-2011
Keywords: Reiki, Healing Energy, Attunements

“This 2.5 day Reiki II and Master Attunement weekend was not only the teaching of techniques – it was a true experience of Reiki. Sonja and Kerry provided the perfect environment and with their support and wisdom allowed me to receive the attunement in a way that was just right for me. Thanks Sonja and Kerry for a great experience.” Danny Lewis – Counsellor and Hypnotherapist 24.3.10
“The Reiki space created by two loving and committed Tanran Reiki Masters in Sonja and Kerry for our Reiki II/Master Training Intensive was perfect to receive Tanran Reiki energy and attunements. Each of our wonderful group were enabled by them to embrace their unique life purpose and paths through Reiki. Thank you from my heart to those special people in my Reiki group, who shared their gifts and love so generously and to Sonja and Kerry for your very special gifts to us all. You both encouraged and guided me to again accept and embrace fully the gift of Reiki into my life’s journey. I have returned to my Reiki path and its call to healing. Thank you.” John Elliott 16-18 July 2010

Bali Reiki Retreat
“The Bali Reiki Intensive was such a powerful experience! It has opened so many avenues of opportunity to me, both through acting more in accordance with myself and by allowing me to discover facets and depths to my journey I could not have imagined. I would sincerely recommend this experience to anyone who would not only like to more fully connect with their authentic self but also to (become) more entwined in the consciousness we share. My deepest thanks and appreciation go to Sonja and Kerry for the integral part they have played on my path. With light and grace.” Brooke 23-1-12

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