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· Better Prices on most of our product range
· Ability to create a standing order template of your most commonly ordered items
· No need to enter delivery details for each order
· Notification of specials (if desired)

All our quoted prices include GST where applicable. If your company or organization can claim GST exemption ie. purchased goods are to be shipped directly from us to a destination outside Australia please advise us and we will remove GST from your order.

Purchases under our minimum of $5 will incur a surcharge.

If you are an account holder with us, your purchases will automatically go to your account unless you select to pay by credit card. Your purchases will appear on your statement at the end of month.

If you are not an account holder with us we accept Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, Discover and AMEX using our secure online processing facility.

This web site is protected by a firewall which makes the information you provide us 100% secure. All credit card transactions are processed on a secure server with encryption to protect against fraud. We do not keep a record of your credit card number, it goes directly to the bank /PayPal /PayMate .

We provide delivery by post or you can collect.

You can also nominate your preferred courier for delivery to your area. All delivery charges remain the customers responsibility.

Small items will be sent via Australia Post.

Goods can also be collected from our showroom at a pre-arranged time.

If you have any further delivery instructions please include them in the comments box of your order.

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Keywords: Credit Card, Secure Online Processing