By: Sportcoat  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Tennis, Pavement, Surface Coating

This section of the site describes a selection of the various Sportcoat surfacing and surface maintenance products. Each is described briefly below: If you have any court problem that may not be solved using listed products or procedures please e-mail or fax us, and we will be delighted to assist.
The final surface coating used in the Sportcoat system as the wearing/playing surface for tennis and other ball sports.
The coating installed as the "undercoat" under Sportcoat Top Sportcoat Base Coat. It is heavily filled and provides a key for the Top Coat.
The coating installed to fill and regulate concrete or asphalt, to smooth out any excessive texture and to present a uniform surface to apply Sportcoat base.
A flexible filling compound frequently suitable for crack filling in surfaces which are not badly worn, but where the pavement has developed shrinkage cracking.
A filling compound sometimes used for crack filling in surfaces which are not badly worn, and are to be recoated. Also suitable for filling racquet gouges and other surface damage during the life of a surface.
A dry powder filling compound generally used for crack and other filling in surfaces being prepared for new or re-coating.
A primer material used as a tie coat to improve bonding of the Sportcoat coating system to concrete surfaces.
A low cost temporary remedial material to rejuvenate old dusty chalky synthetic coated surfaces to extend the life up to a season, before re-coating becomes necessary.
A liquid bonding medium additive which is used in high solid fillers to improve surface levels and fill depressions.

Keywords: Crack Filling, Filling Compound, Pavement, Running Tracks, Surface Coating, Tennis,