Carbon Monoxide..........It's a silent killer

Carbon Monoxide..........It's a silent killer from Gaswatch Australia Pty Ltd

By: Gaswatch Australia Pty Ltd  07-Nov-2013
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Gaswatch has now been campaigning for over a year in regards of carbon monoxide poiusoning. It is colourless and odourless you won't know it's there until it's too late. Don't be thinking if you can't smell any gas that everything is allright. Follow the links below and see for yourself. In May 2010, two little boys sadly lost their lives because of an unserviced heater in their rental accommodation in Mooroopna Victoria, their mother Vanessa Robinson barely survived and has got permanent health issues. I have appeared on the television twice using this story, with permission from Vanessa Robinson, on the ABC 7:30 report and Today Tonight, and especially the last appearance on Seven’s Today Tonight showed that my concerns are well grounded. After appearing on the Today Tonight program in August 2013, I received an email from a tenant from Adelaide who was concerned about her and her brothers health. She lives with her brother in a rental property and they live within close proximity. Her brother had ended up in hospital with suspected gastro several times, she was convinced it had something to do with the fire in their rental property. She therefore decided not to use the fire again. She did mention this to her landlord who brushed it off with” if you can’t smell any gas there’s nothing to worry about”, unfortunately a very common mistake. I gave her some hints and tips and the landlords obligations according to the South Australian Gas Act ( office of OTR). When she passed the gas act and the landlords obligations on to him he did get the situation checked out and it was found that flue was blocked off when renovations where carried out in the past and the flue gases where coming straight back into the room through wall vents which more than likely was the cause of her brother being hospitalised rather than the suspected gastro. I have got an issue when the medical staff class it as suspected gastro, the biggest problem being the fact that the patient when coming out of hospital is send straight back into the environment that caused the trouble in the first place, hence the fact the brother was hospitalised several times. Also after the program I serviced a heater for a customer who in my view had a very narrow escape with possible disastrous outcome. The lady insisted that the fire should be serviced but her husband didn’t think it was necessary because he would put the vacuum cleaner through the fire before every winter. When I took it apart there was a large crack evident in the heat exchanger, when testing for carbon monoxide levels it went up to dangerous levels within minutes and I had to condemn the fire. However I think my customer got away with it because they would not normally turn the fire on to high and therefore carbon monoxide levels will have been tolerable. However on very cold nights and a deteriorating fire in the near future could have been fatal. Again the reply was that they couldn’t smell any gas which is the biggest misunderstanding from the majority of the community, carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless and you won’t know it’s there until it is too late. Please contact me for more details

Keywords: Heater Service

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