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By: Gaynor Pope Personal Trainer  04-Jan-2013
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Client Testimonial I’d just like to say thank you to you Gaynor for helping me get ready for my role in “Closed for Winter”. As you know, I was very eager to look my best for the film and was very grateful to you for your hard but very thorough training both on and off the vibration platform. I was very happy with the way I looked for the movie and would have no trouble recommending your talents and services. Thanks a lot Natalie Imbruglia Dear Gaynor, Just wanted to mention how good I feel since starting the personal training with you. After doing NO extra kind of exercise for at least 50 years (yes unbelievable!) you could imagine how nervous and worried I was. Now I look forward to it and wonder why I didn't do something like this sooner. Your patience and warm manner makes me feel so comfortable and your step by step direction is perfect for me. Looking forward to the next one soon! Pearl Hills 75yrs I have been training twice a week, for just over three months and have noticed a big change in how I feel, my strength, my energy levels and my posture. At work I spend large parts of the day in front of a computer but I'm much better aware now how I can prevent neck and back pain. Family, friends and colleagues note the difference and all encourage me to continue. Gaynor's lessons are diverse and focus on different parts of the body which makes it easier to continue without losing interest. Wendy Riemens I had been having problems with my knee for 6 weeks, since doing a 50 km walk. I could not walk down steps, down hill or on uneven ground without my knee becoming painful. Purposeful walking (not strolling) for more than 50 metres even on flat ground also caused my knee to become painful. After my knee was taped by Gaynor with Kinesiotape there was immediate improvement. I had no more pain when walking or when going down steps. Four days after the tape was applied I tested my knee by walking down and then up a hill on our rural property 4 times, with no resulting knee pain. Four days earlier even walking down the hill once would not have been possible without extreme discomfort. The tape has now been on for 3 weeks, and thanks to Gaynor I have had no more pain and have resumed all my normal activities. Jane Rowe

Keywords: Personal Trainer

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